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ICANN-ASWG SWOT Analysis (Draft)

Elaborated from the perspective of

Civil Society



  1. Multi-stakeholder decision making model for engaging with the community
  2. Capacity Building and awareness fell
  3. Regionalized Number Resources management policy - single Internet
  4. Current ecosystem made of dedicated and engaged volunteers.
  5. ICANN's meetings in Africa every two year 
  1. Benefit by participating through ICANN Fellowship program (Education & development)
  2. Successful and Regionalized and Integrated Number Resources management policy - single Internet
  3. Track record of strong support by dedicated and engaged volunteers
  1. Provision of Fellowship program to ensure african attendance
  2. Regionalized Number Resources management policy - single Internet
  3. experts Volunteer to use
  4. Multi-stakeholder bottum up mecanism for engaging with the community in decision making
  5. IGF at national and regional level
  6. GAC high level meeting
  7. AUC participation in GAC

  1. Absence of clear regionalization Strategy at ICANN
  2. Weak ICANN presence on the continent
  3. Absence of domain name industry
  4. Absence of content and application industry.
  5. Poor participation of AFRICA to ICANN process.
  6. Poor/inefficient outreach to African governments
  7. Lack of transparency
  8. Poor communication toward AFRICA
  9. Weak ccTLD management in the region - absence of regional meetings
  10. Weak participation of African private sector
  11. No impact on growth of the domain name industry
  12. Poor relationships with African ccTLDs
  13. No clear link with the AF*
  14. Poor representation of Africans on the Board
  1. Weak ICANN presence on the continent
  2. Weak African domain name industry and associated Business.
  3. Poor participation of AFRICAN Businesses and ICANN domain name constituencies and its related initiatives (New GTLD).
  4. Ineffective outreach to African governments in respect to their role in developing domain name Industry.
  5. Inefficient communication toward AFRICA.
  6. Weak multi-stakeholder decision-making model and regional balance.
  7. Lack of Training capacity for skill required for domain name business and associated program.
  8. Weak ccTLD management
  1. Absence of clear internationalization Strategy at ICANN
  2. Luck ICANN presence on the continent
  3. Domain name industry in it infancy
  4. Poor participation of AFRICA in ICANN process.
  5. Inefficient outreach to African governments
  6. Lack of transparency 
  7. Poor communication toward AFRICA
  8. Weak management and luck of support of african ccTLD 
  9. Luck of outreach to African business
  10. Representation of African interest on the Board
  11. luck of qualified african experts

  1. Emerging Internet continent, usage by youth
  2. Majority of next billion Internet users will more likely come from Africa.
  3. Internet Innovation driven by Mobile Technology: Current outstanding growth of the mobile telephony implies majority of next Internet users will be from Africa; thus, a need for specific projects for Africa 
  4. Untapped emerging market
  5. Office in Africa 
  6. Growing interest of key actors. Government and emerging Industry
  7. Highly qualified experts
  8. ICANN’s image and perception to be increased through contribution to the growth of a continental Internet economy
  9. ICANN's legitimacy to grow with more participation from African communities, namely at GAC level
  10. Develop IDN to boost content in Africa
  1. Africa region as an Emerging economy and Internet market
  2. Internet Innovation and growth driven by a boom in Mobile Technology
  3. Growing potential market in the domain Name Industry.
  4. Growing interest of key actors in ICANN processes.
  5. Highly qualified experts.
  6. Potential growth of GDP and youth employment
  7. Growth of ICAN legitimacy due to internationalization through increased African Participation
  1. Emerging Internet ecosystem with the Majority of next billion Internet users will come from Africa 
  2. Internet Innovation driven by Mobile Technology 
  3. Growing interest of key actors. Government and emerging Industry
  4. ICT a cross cutting pilar of most african countries devlopment plans 
  5. Develop IDN to boost the internet economy in Africa

  1. Involvement of governments
  2. Weakness of ICT infrastructure
  3. Unstable political economy 
  4. Resistance of governments to multi-stakeholder model 
  5. Heavy intend by government oversight and control of Internet 
  6. Participation to ICANN process (discussion forum, comments, meetings etc …) 
  7. Linguistic barrier 
  8. Poor reach out to African communities 
  9. Lack or Poor financial commitment to an Africa Internet  Agenda
  10. Poor or inadequate representation of ICANN in Africa 
  1. Limited Involvement of governments in the multi-stakeholder decision making model.
  2. ICT infrastructure not adequately geared to support domain name Industry.
  3. Heavy intend by government oversight and control of Internet.
  4. Ongoing perception in Africa of ICANN as non-International organisation.
  5. Lack of investments in domain name industry and associated business.
  6. Inadequate response to the high expectation from ICANN and its stakeholders in Africa.
  7. Inability for African to conduct business with ICANN in a reasonable manner.
  8. Lack of trust and consequence of inappropriate legal framework
  1. Poor participation and contribution of african governments in GAC
  2. Lack of ICT infrastructures and awareness and capcity
  3. Lack of commun understanding of multistakeholder model
  4. Lack of understanding of how goverment work and diplomacy
  5. Lack of timely response and implementation of GAC advices
  6. Lack of implementation of AOC recommandations
  7. Linguistic barrier (1) Poor out reach to African communities (2) Lack of financial commitment to an Africa Internet Agenda (3) Poor or inadequate representation of ICANN in Africa (4) Poor perception of ICANN by african government

  1. Treat Africa as a specific Internet ecosystem
  2. Build African Entrepreneurship in the domain names area
  3. Increase current translation of ICANN's documents in different languages
  4. Set up an Internet foundation for developing countries
  5. Promote business development incubators
  6. Ensure a physical presence in Africa to conduct outreach to policy makers
  7. Establish ICANN's Ambassador program in all Africa regions to ensure adequate representation
  8. Commit a study on feasibility of a domain name industry in Africa