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Strategy Matrix (Draft)


DNS stability and security

Core operations including IANA

Competition, consumer trust and consumer choice

Healthy governance ecosystem

Strategic objectives
  1. Strengthen ccTLD Development in Africa , Build Capacity in DNS technical operations and provide assistance and support as requested. Reference ICANN Strat Obj 1-1/2
  2. Enhance regional and international cooperation DNS stakeholders and Promote best practices of DNS operations Reference ICANN Strat Obj 1-2
  3. Promote adoption of DNSSEC Reference ICANN Strat Obj 1-3
  4. Enhance cooperation with CERTs for better handling of DNS related incidents. Reference ICANN Strat Obj 1-5
  1. Regionalization of IANA operations in Africa. Reference Strat Obj 3/1-2-4-5
  2. Regionalization of other CORE ICANN operations in Africa. Reference Strat Obj 3/1-2-5-63- 
  3. Effective communication / Outreach on ICANN operations including IANA Reference Strat Obj 3/4-5 
  4. Promote Anycast Root-servers deployment in Africa Reference Strat Obj 3/3 
  •  Support and facilitate competition in Domain Name business.
  • Strengthen ccTLDs in Africa
  • Build business environment that favour customer trust and choice (Technology solution, Legal and regulation Framework).
  • Encourage resiliency of local DNS infrastructure (IXP, Copy of Root, Anycast DNS) 
  • Deploy more root servers in Africa 
  • Promote new gTLD registries, registrars
  • Introduce gTLDs in African languages and IDNs 
  • Build African entrepreneurship programmes in the DNS area 
  • Promote research and development to foster innovation in Internet related technologies and businesses
  • Promote strategic partnerships between global and local entrepreneurs in the DNS industry
  • Promote the multi-stakeholder model and platform in Africa at the government, civil society and private sector levels to enrich participation in ICANN constituencies.
  • Support capacity building and development of Internet governance in Africa 
  • Support policy development process to create conducive environment for the internet economy in Africa
  • Ensure internationalisation of ICANN using outreach programme. 
  • Ensure physical presence in Africa to conduct outreach to help reflect ICANN’s global image
  • Expand a Multi-Stakeholder platform to increase participation and engagement in collaboration with I* organisations and ICANN constituencies
  • Encourage Industry development by setting up an Internet foundation for DNS industry in developing countries (Africa)
  • Ensure ongoing commitment of ICANN and constituencies to act in Africa’s public interest.
  • Promote globalisation of ICANN and its operations through a phased internationalisation of IANA functions.

Strategic projects

1- Increase domain name penetration in Africa Ref. AFRICAN Strat Obj 1-1 / 1-2

1-1 African ccTLD Operations and Support Training.

1-2 Business Best Practices and Marketing Support for AfTLD, ccTLDs and Registars

1-3 Consumer/Community Capacity Building

2- Develop and Improve African Security Expertise Ref. AFRICAN Strat Obj 1-3 / 1-4

2-1 Promote and Support Cooperation between African CERTs and DNS Operators Ref. AFRICAN Strat Obj 1-4

2-2 Promote DNSSEC Ref. AFRICAN Strat Obj 1-3

1- Establish ICANN operations in Africa, including IANA operations. Ref. AFRICA Strat Obj 3-1 / 3-2

1-1 - IANA Operations

1.2 - Registrar liaison functions

1-3 - Registry liaison functions

1-4 - Compliance function

1-5 - Legal Advice and Support

1-6 - Regional meetings

1-7 - Institutionalize IDN support

2- Produce Targeted Documents in appropriate languages regarding ICANN operations Ref AFRICAN Strat. Obj 3-3

3- Deploy Anycast Instances of L-Root in cooperation with Regional Organisations. Ref AFRICAN Strat. Obj 3-4

  • WHOIS program for DNS
  • Anycast workshops (A,C)
  • Conduct registry, registrar business development model workshops (A,C)
  • a support programme for accreditation of registrars 
  • Create a foundation to support development of African registrars 
  • ccTLD business Model workshops 
  • Commit and conduct a study on business feasibility of growing DNS industry in Africa 
  • An observatory to develop new indices for DNS industry growth in Africa 
  • Set up an Internet foundation for innovative funding mechanisms for the DNS industry development in developing countries (Africa)
  • Review delegation and re-delegation procedure in support of strengthen African ccTLDs
  • Include African experts in the new gTLDs evaluation panels
  • Motivate African leaders by creating awards to celebrate best practices in DNS industry
  • Set up business development incubators for the DNS business in Africa
  • Research and development programme for Africa for promoting innovation and increased participation in IETF forums.
  • DNS resiliency workshops for African ccTLDS. 
  •  A programme for enhancing cooperation with I* organisations and IGFs to promote regional events for multi-stakeholder engagement
  • Participate in African meetings (C,D,G)
  • Establish a programme for inclusion of African academic community in Internet Governance ecosystem (C,I,J)
  • Continued support for African participation at ICANN meetings through the fellowship programmes (E, H)
  • Expand AFRALO (C,F)
  • Support African government participation in ICANN high level meetings
  • Sub regional Africa ICANN meetings to contribute to global meetings. 
  • An ICANN academy to help in capacity building and HR development in Africa 
  • An ICANN ambassador programme to promote global ICANN values
  • Increase African representation in leadership positions at ICANN management
  • Leadership development programme in multi-stakeholder Internet governance.
  • Strengthen African participation in ICANN AoC review teams
  • Identify policy gaps and support policy advocacy processes

Key Measures

Term - Definition - Metric - Target

1- Domain Name Indicators

1-1 Number of Domain Names Registred

1-2 Penetration

1-3 Complaints / UDRP

1-4 DNS Availability / Failure

1-5 Incidents on DNS operations

1-6 Domain Name Pricing

2 Security Indicators

2.1 DNSSEC Operations signed in Africa.

2.2 CERT Operations in Africa

2.3 CERT Training Certified People

  1. Regional Implementation of Operations
  2. Number of Appropriate Documents produced In Appropriate African languages targetted to various stakeholders
  3. Number of L-root instances Deployed
  4. Number of other root-servers instances Deployed
  • Accurate and available WHOIS Data
  • Number of workshops
  • Number of workshops conducted for potential registry and registrars
  • Number of accredited Registers
  • Number of Workshops for ccTLD business models
  • Research report on DNS business in Africa
  • An observatory
  • A foundation for DNS Industry in Africa
  • Revised delegation and re-delegation procedures
  • African experts on new gTLD evaluation panel
  • An African leaders award 
  • Number of start up companies being incubated
  • Innovative ideas and patents and increased number of African participants in IETF forums.
  • Number of ccTLDs benefiting from resiliency workshops
  • Increased copy of root severs
  • ccTLD Whois performance
  • Registries & Registrars
  • Number of African participants in ICANN constituencies.
  • ICANN participation in African meetings 
  • An ICANN Academy and number of Academic participants 
  • Number of African participants and the quality of participation and contributions
  • Number of ALS’s from the African region and umber of workshops organised by AFRALO
  • Number of government participants contributing to GAC and high level meetings
  • Number of participants contributing to global ICANN meetings
  • Number of Africans trained by the ICAN academy.
  • Increased number of African staff members
  • Number of Africans leading IG processes 
  • Increased number of Africans participating in AoC review teams
  • Number of policy documents/strategies
  • Af* growth
  • Support for Af*
  • New Internet communities
  • Adoption of multi-stakeholder model
  • Visibility of ICANN at African fora
  • Communications in French