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Resource Transfer Application


IP number resources transfers are permitted within AFRINIC's service region as per the IPv4 Intra-RIR transfer policy (Section 5.7 of the Consolidated Policy Manual) and Mergers and Acquisitions guidelines.


1.0 Policy Based Transfers

The IPv4 Intra-RIR transfer policy enables organisations from the AFRINIC region that have a valid need for IPv4 addresses to receive IPv4 resources from other organisation(s). Any legitimate IPv4 resource holder,(Resource Members, Legacy Resource Holders) in the AFRINIC service region, that are not using IPv4 resources and willing to transfer IPv4 resources are also eligible to submit a transfer request. Transfers under this policy are limited to only IPv4 addresses and shall help to ensure that IPv4 addresses are correctly registered to those entities that are legitimately using them. Full or partial IPv4 transfers shall be accomodated provided policy conditions are fulfilled by both the Transferor(source) and the Recipient. In addition to the policy conditions, the recipient must also demonstrate their justifiable needs for the IPv4 addresses space to be transferred.

Transfer requests are considered valid requests when initiated from the following platforms:

  1. https://my.afrinic.netfor AFRINIC members.
  2. for Legacy resource holders(Transferors) and non-members (recipient - can be Legacy Resource Holder or an organisation that does not hold any resources)

1.1 Evaluation approach

When one party in the transfer initiates the transfer through the recommended platform, the other party is automatically notified of the transfer request and advised on how to confirm their concurrency to the request. After the transfer is acknowledged by the second party, AFRINIC evaluates the transfer based on the IPv4 transfer criteria.

Resource Member accounts (transferor and recipient) must be in good standing before the evaluation can begin. In case the recipient is not an AFRINIC Resource Member, it must first become a member and apply for resource membership before a transfer is executed. All transfers are needs-based according to this policy and therefore recipients will be requested to justify their IPv4 needs.

1.2 Policy Conditions that must be satisfied

Applicable to Transferor (transfer source)

  • The source must be the current rightful holder of the IPv4 address resources recognized by AFRINIC, and not be involved in any dispute as to the status of those resources.
  • The Source entities will not be eligible to receive any further IPv4 address allocations or assignments from AFRINIC for a period of 12 months after a transfer approval.
  • The Source entities must not have received a transfer, allocation, or assignment of IPv4 number resources from AFRINIC for the 12 months prior to the approval of transfer request. This restriction excludes mergers and acquisitions transfers.

Applicable to Transfer Recipient

  • Must first go through the process of justifying its IPv4 resource needs before AFRINIC. That is to say, the organization must justify and demonstrate before AFRINIC its initial/additional allocation/assignment usage, as applicable, according to the policies in force.
  • The recipient must be an AFRINIC member, subject to current AFRINIC policies and must sign the Registration Services Agreement for resources being received.
  • Transferred IPv4 legacy resources will no longer be regarded as legacy resources.

1.3 Transfer Application Form

Both source and recipients of a transfer shall sign the transfer application form. The form can be signed at any moment during the transfer request evaluation period, AFRINIC expects to have a signed agreement by the time the evaluation is concluded. No transfer will be completed/executed in the absence of a signed transfer application Form.


1.4 Registration Service Agreement

Both Transferor and Recipient shall sign the latest Registration Service Agreement (RSA).Older versions of the RSA prohibited transfers, so it is essential that the latest version (dated 27 November 2017 or later) is signed by both Transferor and Recipient.


1.5 Applicable Fees

Transfers shall be executed only after all applicable fees have been paid, as shown in the latest version of the AFRINIC fee schedule (available here).At the time of writing (February 2018), the fee requirements are:

  • For a transferor who is an AFRINIC member, the transferor must be in good standing (with no outstanding unpaid invoices).
  • For a transferor who is a legacy space holder and not an AFRINIC member, no fee is payable.
  • For a recipient who becomes a new AFRINIC member, the recipient must pay the annual membership fee and once-off allocation/assignment fee, based on the size of the transfer
  • For a recipient who is already an AFRINIC member, the recipient must be in good standing (with no outstanding unpaid invoices), and the recipient must pay the once-off allocation/assignment fee based on the size of the transfer.


1.6 Transfer Statistics

AFRINIC will publish a list of all executed transfers on the AFRINIC website -

This list will contain information about approved changes. The following information will be published:

  • The name of the offering party (Transferor)
  • The resource originally held by the offering party (Transferor)
  • The name(s) of the receiving party (Recipient)
  • The date each resource was transferred
  • Whether it was a policy based transfer or a transfer due to merger or acquisition

A transfer log will also be published on

1.7 Record keeping with AFRINIC

All Resource Members are responsible for proper record maintenance with AFRINIC, including:

  • Legal Organization name
  • Contacts information
  • Valid IP address assignments and sub-allocations, route objects
  • Reverse DNS maintenance
  • Payment of annual membership fees and/or any late payment penalty fees

1.8 The Transfer Procedure

Any holder of Internet number resources can transfer IPv4 resources to another party, provided:

  • The resources are registered in the AFRINIC service region (more information about AFRINIC's IPv4 intra-RIR transfers)

  • The recipient should justify their IPv4 resource needs.

  • Minimum transferable IPv4 space is a /24 for end-site recipients and /22 for LIR recipients as per current policies.

To Get Started With the Transfer

To get started with a transfer of Internet number resources, please read and choose a scenario below that is applicable in order to submit your request :-

1.8.1 AFRINIC Resource Member wants to transfer to another organisation

  • Log in to
  • Go to Resources then Resource Transfers
  • Fill the form appropriately and submit
  • Sign the transfer application form

1.8.2 Non-member( e.g Legacy Resource Holder) wants to transfer to another Organisation

  • Go to
  • Register to get your log in details
  • Log in to the same portal
  • Select transfer resources
  • Fill the transfer form appropriately and submit
  • Sign the transfer application form

1.8.3 AFRINIC member wants to initiate the transfer as a recipient

1.8.4 Non-AFRINIC member wants to initiate the transfer as a recipient

  • Go to
  • Register to get your log in details
  • Log in to the same portal
  • Select New Member Registration
  • Fill the transfer form appropriately and submit
  • Sign The RSA
  • Sign the transfer application form

Archives containing a history to this policy can be accessed at the following links:


2.0 Transfers Due to Mergers, Acquisitions, or Consolidations

If your organisation acquired assets (such as customers and equipment) from another organisation via an acquisition or merger, and those assets are using IP resources that were obtained from AFRINIC, you may request a transfer of those resources. AFRINIC will proceed with processing transfer requests based on the mergers and acquisitions document available on its website. AFRINIC will assess the IP utilisation and relevant documentation regarding the merger, acquisition or consolidation. In event of verified inefficient IP utilisation,AFRINIC will work with the resource holder(s) to transfer the required number resources to the other organization(s) and voluntary return of the extra number resources to AFRINIC.

To get started with a transfer of Internet number resources due to mergers and acquisitions, please identify and follow an option below that suit you.


2.1 Non-member(e.g Legacy Resource Holder) wants to transfer to another Organisation (merger or acquisition)

  • Go to
  • Register to get your log in details
  • Log in to the same portal
  • Select "merger and acquisition"
  • Fill the transfer form appropriately and submit

2.2 AFRINIC member wants to initiate merger or acquisition as a recipient

2.3 Non-AFRINIC member wants to initiate merger and acquistion as a recipient

  • Go to
  • Register to get your log in details
  • Log in to the same portal
  • Select New Member Registration
  • Fill and submit the membership request
  • Sign The RSA

2.4 Requirements

The new organization must provide evidence that they have acquired the assets that use the resources to be transferred in one or more of the following forms:

a. Clarify the type of change:

  • A takeover of one member by another member, closing one of the member organizations.
  • A takeover of a member by a non-member organization.

b. Outline the details of the change, stating:

  • The reason for the change of organization.
  • The name of the company/companies involved.
  • The number of members affected by the change.
  • The org-handles(s) of the member organizations affected by the change.

c. Present the following documents to AFRINIC:

(For companies located In Mauritius)

If multiple transactions connect the old and new organisations, documentation will be required for each transaction. You are welcome to redact any financial or otherwise sensitive information. If necessary, AFRINIC has a standard nondisclosure agreement under section 4(d) of the Registration Services Agreement (RSA).


Note: If your organisation has undergone a legal name change that was not part of a merger, acquisition, or reorganization, you can update your record by contacting  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



Both source (Transferor) and recipient of a transfer shall sign the below transfer application form.   


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