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Membership fees

1. Introduction

To support its operations, AFRINIC charges its members fees that may change from year to year according to operational costs and financial health of the organization upon validation by the Board of Directors. This document details the fee schedule as from 2008 unless otherwise amended.

To become a full member and get services (assignment/allocation) from AFRINIC, new applicants will be subjected to an evaluation process and upon approval will be required to pay an Allocation/Assignment Fee and an Annual Membership fee. The Annual Membership Fee shall be based on the member’s category which is derived by the aggregation of all billable resources held by the member. AFRINIC will charge an annual membership fee according to the tables in Sections 2 to 6 of this document.

A special Early Settlement discount of 5% will be offered to organizations whose Annual Membership fee renewal payments are received by AFRINIC prior to the invoice date.


2. Resource Members - IPv4 Fees and categories

2.1 LIRs (Local Internet Registries)

IPv4 fees for LIR start from a minimum allocation size of /22. LIR Membership categories are organized in 7 categories derived from the aggregation of all allocations held by the member. The table below lists the categories and the associated membership fees. Annual membership fees are charged for services offered by AFRINIC.


Category Allocation Size No. of IP Addresses Membership
(Annual) USD
Extra Small /22 - < /20 1024 - 4095 $1,400
Very Small >=/20 - < /18 4096 - 16383 $2,200
Small >=/18 - < /16 16384 – 65535 $6,400
Medium >=/16 - < /14 65536 - 262143 $12,800
Large >=/14 - < /12 262144 - 1048575 $22,500
Very large >=/12 - < /10 1048576 - 4194303 $30,000
Extra large >=/10 ≥ 4194304 $38,400

*Please see Conversion Table at the Bottom of the Document

In addition, members shall be billed an Allocation Fee based on the resources allocation size being approved. The below fees are applicable to new members as well as all subsequent approved resources requests from existing resource members. New resource members shall also pay an annual membership fee.

Allocation Size No. of IP Addresses Allocation fees
/22 - < /20 1024 - 4095 $1,750
>=/20 - < /18 4096 - 16383 $2,000
>=/18 - < /16 16384 – 65535 $2,500
>=/16 - < /14 65536 - 262143 $4,000
>=/14 - < /12 262144 - 1048575 $6,500
>=/12 - < /10 1048576 - 4194303 $8,000
>=/10 ≥ 4194304 $10,000


2.2 End Sites

AFRINIC assigns IPv4 addresses to End Site organisations which meet the criteria established in its End-User assignment policy and Anycast Assignments in the AFRINIC region policy. End Sites organisations have to become members to get resource assignments. End Sites Membership fees are as per the fee table below and are dependent on the aggregate of all assignments held by the member.


Category Assignment Size Membership (Annual)
Micro >=/24 - </23 $200
Mini >=/23 - </22 $300
Extra Small =/22 - </20 $400
Very Small >=/20 - </18 $500
Small >=/18 - </16 $600
Medium >=/16 - </14 $1,000
Large >=/14 - </12 $1,500
Very Large >=/12 - </10 $2,000
Extra Large >=/10 $2,500
EU - AS ASN Only $50

*Please see Conversion Table at the Bottom of the Document


In addition, End Sites members shall be billed an Assignment Fee based on the resource assignment size being approved. The below fees are applicable to new members as well as all subsequent resources requests.

Assignment size Assignment fee
>=/24 - </23 $2,500
>=/23 - </22 $2,700
>=/22 - </20 $3,000
>=/20 - </18 $5,000
>=/18 - </16 $7,500
>=/16 - </14 $9,000
>=/14 - </12 $10,000
>=/12 - </10 $12,000
>=/10 $15,000
ASN Only $400


3. Resource Members - IPv6 fees and Categories

IPv6 is in its early adoption stage in our region. To encourage and promote its usage in the region, the AFRINIC Board ratified the following measures:

3.1 For existing members (with IPv4 allocation(s) and/or EU/PI assignments):

  • No additional fees as a result of the issued IPv6 prefix will apply.

  • Not to consider the new IPv6 prefix allocation and/or PI assignment in calculating the Billing category of the member.

3.2 For New Members (for IPv6 Only members).

The following fees will apply to Resource Members who have been issued with only IPv6 prefixes. A 50% discount on the Allocation fee and 100% discount on the first year's membership fees will be applicable. For the three subsequent years, 75%, 50% and 25% discount on the membership fee will apply respectively.


Category Prefix Size Allocation fee LIR
Membership (Annual)
End Sites
Membership (Annual)
Small /32 $2,500 $2,500  
Large > /32 $20,000 $20,000  
PI (EU) /48 $2,500   $100


4. Resource Members - ASN assignments to “End Users”

Each End User assigned an ASN and no other resource type shall pay USD 400 initial assignment fees in addition to a yearly membership (referred to as maintenance fee in the Policy) of USD 50. The first invoice shall cover the initial assignment fee plus the first 3 years (USD150) membership fees (i.e. total USD 550).

Organizations holding both ASN and IPv4/IPv6 resources will not be charged with the ASN maintenance fee but will pay the fee associated with their IPv4/IPv6 End-User or LIR membership as defined in Section 2 above.


5. Resource Members - Special categories

  • Academic and Research Institutions

AFRINIC will apply a 50% discount to organizations which are able to provide evidence that they are approved and recognized Academic or Research Institutions in their countries. Such organizations MUST further demonstrate that the assigned/allocated resources shall be used exclusively for not-for profit academic or research activities. In most cases such members fall under the End-Site category. Academic and Research organisations requesting to be LIR must be prepared to provide further documentation with regards to their network infrastructure and the need for assignments to other organisations other than their own. The 50% discount shall be applied to both the Allocation/Assignment fee and the annual Membership fees.

  • Critical Infrastructure

AFRINIC offers a 100% discount to organisations requesting for resources for the purpose of Critical infrastructure. Applications are subject to normal evaluation procedures as per established policies to establish eligibility before the 100% discount is awarded. All enquiries must be directed to AFRINIC Registration Services via  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

No resource Transfers shall be permitted for resources issued under critical infrastructure.


6. Non-Resource Members - Fees and categories

The provisions of AFRINIC Bylaws provide for a membership group who do not use Assigned Number resource under the Registration Service Agreement but who have manifested a substantial interest in number resources management as well as in the mission of AFRINIC. They are referred to as Associate Member. The applicable fee structure for Associate Membership is as follows:

Category Allocation fee Membership (Annual)
Corporate/Institutions - Small $0 $1,000
Corporate/Institutions – Medium $0 $2,500
Corporate/Institutions - Large $0 $5,000
Individual $0 $300


7. Subsequent resource requests

When an existing Resource Member requests for additional resources, such request shall be subject to an evaluation by AFRINIC Hostmaster. However, upon approval of the request and prior to the release of the requested resources, the Resource Member is advised that:


  • the request for additional resources has been approved
  • an Allocation/Assignment Fee will be levied for every subsequent request for additional resources(IPv4 & ASN) (see fee tables above).
  • the Allocation/Assignment Fee applicable shall be pegged to the size of the allocation/assignment being approved (IPv4 & ASN) (see fee tables above).
  • In the case of an existing ASN Only member,, requesting for additional ASNs, the Assignment Fee applicable shall be pegged to the one applicable to ASN only application.
  • the above must be paid prior to the release of the additional resources.
  • Additional resources requests from Academic & Research Institutions and Critical Infrastructures members, shall attract applicable existing discounts.
  • For IPv6 ONLY holders, requesting additional IPv6 resources, no additional Allocation fee shall be applicable.
  • No Allocation fee shall be charged when a member returns resources to AFRINIC. Should the member's category change as a result of this resource return, the new category membership fee will be applied as from the next billing cycle.
  • Should the member’s category change as a result of receiving additional resources, the new category membership fee will be applied as from the next billing cycle.
  • Existing IPv6 only members requesting IPv4 resources will be charged as new IPv4 members according to the fees in Section 2above.

7.1 Resources issued under the policy AFPUB-2006-GEN-002

Resource members can request for resources (temporary allocations/assignments) under the policy AFPUB-2006-GEN-002 from AFRINIC. Allocation/Assignment fees shall be exempted in such cases.


8. Resource Transfers

AFRINIC exceptionally allows for resource transfers under the Guidelines for Mergers and Acquisitions.

In the case of transfers between two existing Resource Members, AFRINIC does not charge any fees for IP and ASN resource transfers at the moment. The category of the recipient organisation will be recalculated after the transfer and a new fee may apply at the next renewal. However, the accounts of all organisations involved in the transfers must be in good standing prior to the transfer being considered by the Registration Services.

In the case of transfers from an existing Resource member to a new organisation, he recipient Organisation shall apply for AFRINIC membership and resources. The fee applied is equal to the Allocation fee applicable for the approved resources and Membership fee for the category of the recipient organisation. In such cases, the organisation handle shall change. Any transfers must be compliant with any transfer policy/guideline that shall be in force at the time.


IPv4 CIDR Conversion Table


CIDR Prefix

Number of Addresses

CIDR Prefix

Number of Addresses

/32 1 /19 8,192
/31 2 /18 16,384
/30 4 /17 32,768
/29 8 /16 65,536
/28 16 /15 131,072
/27 32 /14 262,144
/26 64 /13 524,288
/25 128 /12 1,048,576
/24 256 /11 2,097,152
/23 512 /10 4,194,304
/22 1024 /9 8,388,608
/21 2048 /8 16,777,216
/20 4096    




Board Decision on LIR Membership Fees and Penalties


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