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Legacy Resources Holders


Legacy resources are those Internet number resources obtained prior to or otherwise outside the current hierarchical Internet registry system. When AFRINIC inherited members and records from RIPE NCC, ARIN and APNIC, it was established that each of these RIRs had different parameters for classifying legacy resource holders.


Although there is no contractual relationship and obligation between legacy resources holders and AFRINIC, legacy resources holders still benefit from AFRINIC registry service support such as WHOIS, reverse DNS and the Internet Routing Registry. They do not however benefit from access to the MyAFRINIC Portal and the services it offers. AFRINIC provides supports only to its members that signed a contractual (Registration Services) agreement. There are currently around 350 legacy resources holders registered in the AFRINIC WHOIS database.

AFRINIC encourages legacy resource holders to become AFRINIC members and to take advantage of all services it offers to its members.

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