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As a Regional Internet Registry, the allocation and assignment of Internet number resources is AFRINIC's core activity.


All information related to IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, AS numbers and reverse delegations are registered in the AFRINIC database and made publicly available through our Whois database.


Note: AFRINIC provides only IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, AS numbers, and reverse DNS delegations to networks in the AFRINIC service region. AFRINIC does not provide domain name registration services.


Become a Resource member

  1. Check your eligibility and read the policies related to the resources you plan to request.
  2. Sign in and fill the New Membership Registration form on the template which matches your resources request via the New Membership Registration Portal

  3. Sign the Registration Service Agreement (RSA).
  4. Send the signed Service Agreement by fax or email (new-member[at] Original documents should be sent by courier.
  5. Your request for resources will be evaluated.
  6. Once your request is approved, an invoice (including setup fee + membership fee) is sent to your organisation.
  7. You can proceed with an online payment.
  8. You become a member of AFRINIC when your request is approved and after receipt of payment of the set up and membership fees.
  9. You can now log in to to manage your resources.


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Check your eligibilty to find out which AFRINIC-delegated resources you are eligible for.

Members namely ISPs and other organisations within AFRINIC's geographical service region. Any individual or entity can become a member of AFRINIC.

AFRINIC fees structure

Register online via the MyAFRINIC portal.



Below is a summary of all the internet number resources from which AfriNIC allocates/assigns to its members. Numbers held by every RIR are issued by IANA (The Internet Assigned Numbers' Authority). Some numbers below had been allocated to some RIRs by IANA before AfriNIC recognition. These RIRs reserved the same numbers for allocation within Africa, hence, AfriNIC taking such resources over.



Blocks Date Received from IANA Minimum size issued
41/8 Apr 2005 /22
197/8 Oct 2008 /22
105 / 8 Nov 2010 /22
102 / 8 Feb 2011 /22


Blocks Date Received from IANA Minimum size issued
2001:4200::/23 JUN 2004
  • /48 PI ASSIGNMENTS from 2001:43f8::/29

AS Numbers

Blocks Date Received from IANA Minimum size issued
AS32768 - AS33791 Feb 2005
AS36864 - AS37887 Aug 2005
AS327680 - AS328703 (5.0 - 5.1023)  Nov 2006 


Blocks Date Received from IANA Minimum size issued
196/8 Apr 2005 /24
154/8 Oct 2010 /22


Any inquiries should be addressed to hostmaster[at]

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