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Becoming a Member


Thank you for your interest in becoming  an AFRINIC member. To better service you, AFRINIC offers two types of membership.


Resource Member: A legal entity or person that meets the requirements for Internet number resources allocations and/or assignment and who signs the Registration Service Agreement. Resource Members are generally Local Internet Registry (LIR) (*) and End-Users (EU) (**).

  • (*) Local Internet Registry (LIR): A Local Internet Registry (LIR) is an Internet Registry (IR) that receives allocations from AFRINIC and primarily sub-allocates or assigns address space to their customers. LIRs are generally ISPs.
  • (**) End User (EU): Any entity, corporate or individual that receive services (Number Resources assignments) directly from AFRINIC for exclusive use on its own service infrastructure.

Associate Member: Any individual person, corporate body of the public sector including governmental, and intergovernmental organisations, non-governmental organisations as well as those of private sector entities who do not use Assigned Number resource under the Registration Service Agreement (RSA) but who have manifested a substantial interest in the number resources management as well as in the mission of AFRINIC to become its member.


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