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Proposed Timeline for ASWG and ICANN


Work Phases
- Collecting Input Phase – AWG takes the lead with ICANN help
- Drafting Phase – Working together.
- Presenting Phase – ICANN takes the lead with AWG help


Key Deadlines and Milestones Responsibility/ Participants:
Date Activity Working Group ICANN Staff

July 17-18 IGF East Africa X
July 26 Kickoff Call X X
late July Finalization of AWG membership X (X)
Ongoing Gathering inputs from African Community X
August 5 ICANN Global Partnerships Retreat (in LA) X
August 15 Global Partnership Plan Framework to CEO X
August 26 Monthly Check-in Call for alignment X X
August 26-28 Mauritius Retreat X X
September 1-3 Southern Africa IGF X
September 5-6 Khartoum AU Ministerial X X
September 11-13 ICANN Board Workshop (in LA) X
  • Integration of IGFs recommendations
  • Additional African Community Consultation
September 26 Monthly Check-in Call for alignment X X

September 27-28 Finalization of Draft Plan X X
September 30 Delivery of Draft Plan from AWG to ICANN (in the form of a presentation) X
October 1-5 Consultations on Draft Plan X X
October 6 Preparation of Final Plan (the first draft of full report for Toronto to be primarily prepared by Tarek Kamel) X

October 8 Submission of Plan to ICANN Board X
October 14 Presentation of Plan to ICANN Board -Toronto (X) X
October 15 ICANN Toronto CEO Announcement of plan (X) X
October 16-17
  • Panel Presentation for Community Feedback;
  • Publication for broader Community Feedback
November 6-9 IGF Baku (X) X
Mid-November Full draft report delivered by to CEO, start of implementation phase X