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AfriNIC receives 102/8, the last IPv4 address block from IANA


AFRINIC receiving the last IPv4 /8In-line with the Global Policy for the Allocation of the Remaining IPv4 Address Space ( was allocated 102/8 on 2011-02-03. There are no more unallocated unicast IPv4 /8s in the IANA IPv4 Address Space Registry.


We shall be conducting reach-ability and debogonising tests on 102/8, as usual, before starting to allocate from this space to the community.


However, we also do urge all operators to appropriately update any filters that may be in place so as to allow space from 102/8 to be used without any issues.


A list of all resources in the AfriNIC pool is available here


Analysis of the future exhaustion of the IPv4 Central pool (Archive)


Analysis of the future exhaustion of the IPv4 Central pool in relation to IANA and its impact on the AfriNIC region

For some years now, studies have been done to try and assess the dates of exhaustion of the IPv4 central pool at the level of IANA and the Regional Registries. Geoff Huston's studies, for instance, published on project the exhaustion of the IANA pool of addresses to around 26 July 2011.(Seen on 27 February 2007 at 7:59 UTC +10. Note: The website computes possible dates for the pool exhaustion in relation to IANA and RIR allocations in real time).


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