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AGMM Quorum issue

25 September 2018 - The AFRINIC Bylaws, article 12.10(ii), gives the requirements for a quorum of an AGMM.  The requirements are: 12.10(ii) The quorum for an Annual General Member meeting shall be composed of minimum of ten (10) members in person comprising:

  1. Four (4) Directors elected to represent a region;
  2. One (1) Director elected on a non-regional criterion; and
  3. Five (5) Resource Members.

On 29 June 2018, the Chair of the Board communicated to AfriNIC community at Large their intention to approach the court to call an AGMM,

The AfriNIC Board has resolved to use the provision under article 118 of the Mauritius Companies Act and approach the Court to have the AGMM called.


Best Regards,

Christian D. Bope, PhD

Chairman, AfriNIC Board

Reminder: Registration for AFRINIC-29 is Still Open

[Version française ci-dessous]

25 September 2018 - We are pleased to inform you that registration is still open for the AFRINIC-29 Meeting, being held in Hammamet, Tunisia from 26 November to 30 November 2018.

You can register online at:


Please note that some countries require visas to travel to Tunisia. If you need a visa to travel to Tunisia we advise you to apply at least eight (8) weeks in advance at your nearest Tunisian Embassy.

In case there is no Tunisian embassy in your country, please consult your travel agent for assistance.

Updates and News

You can stay informed with updates and the latest news about AFRINIC-29 via our discussion lists, the AFRINIC-29 meeting website ( Facebook ( and on Twitter (

We are using the hashtag #AFRINIC29, #Let us meet in Hammamet

Mobile App

You may wish to receive the latest news updates by downloading our mobile application for the AFRINIC-29 Meeting available for Apple users at AppStore (  and for Android users, please go to Google Playstore (


We look forward to seeing you in Hammamet!



L’inscription pour la réunion d’AFRINIC-29 est ouverte

Chers collègues,

Nous avons le plaisir de vous informer que l’inscription pour la prochaine réunion AFRINIC-29, qui se tiendra du 26 novembre au 30 novembre 2018 à Hammamet, Tunisie est toujours ouverte.

Inscrivez-vous maintenant pour AFRINIC-29 à:

Veuillez noter qu’il y a des pays qui requièrent un visa pour la Tunisie.

Si vous avez besoin d’un visa pour le voyage, nous vous conseillons de faire une demande de visa au moins 8 semaines avant la conférence à

l’ambassade tunisienne de votre pays.  En cas d’absence de représentation diplomatique tunisienne dans votre pays, merci de contacter votre agence

de voyage pour assistance.


Vous pourrez connaitre les dernières nouvelles et actualités d’AFRINIC-29 via nos listes de diffusion, le site web d’AFRINIC-29 (, notre page Facebook ( et le compte Twitter (


Nous utiliserons le hashtag #AFRINIC29 et Let us meet at Hammamet.

Application mobile

Vous pouvez aussi obtenir les dernières nouvelles sur la réunion AFRINIC-29 en téléchargeant notre application mobile. Ceux qui utilisent les appareils

Apple,  merci d’aller à AppStore (, et ceux utilisant un portable android merci d’utiliser Google Play Store (


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