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Billing policy



This document outlines the billing and payment procedure for members of AFRINIC.


An AFRINIC Member is defined either as an Organisation that has signed the Membership-Only agreement or a Local Internet Registry (LIR) that receives services from AFRINIC after signing the RSA ("Registration Service Agreement") and is annually invoiced a service/membership fee.


billing timeline


The services of AFRINIC include the distribution and the maintenance of Internet number resources in the African region.


Finance-related questions and/or requests for more information should be addressed to AFRINIC by sending an e-mail to billing [at] AFRINIC dot net or use any of the contacts listed below.



General Information

AFRINIC Contact Details (click here for more contacts):


11th Floor, Raffles Tower
Ebene Cyber City

Tel: +230 403 5100
Fax: +230 466 6758


Bank Details
Account Holder AFRINIC Ltd When paying by bank transfer, always mention your payment reference (i.e. organisation name and invoice number). All payments should be in USD and the remitter should bear all bank charges
Account number 62026000001202
Swift code STCBMUMU
Bank State Bank of Mauritius
Branch Head Office
Bank Address

State Bank Tower,
1, Queen Elizabeth II Avenue,


AFRINIC legal information

VAT Number: 202 81333

Company registration #: 40539632 (registered in Mauritius)


Tax information

AFRINIC Ltd is Value Added Tax (VAT) registered in Mauritius.

The following VAT rules apply to our members for the membership fees:

  • Non Mauritian members: No VAT is chargeable on output
  • Mauritius members: VAT is chargeable on output


Please note that AFRINIC does not interfere with the local tax regulations of the member's country of origin.




For new members the first invoice is sent as soon as AFRINIC has received the membership form, signed RSA and where applicable, the relevant allocation request (see "Procedure to become LIR/member" for more details).


For existing members invoices are sent annually at the beginning of November via courier to the billing address as stated in the registration form. A copy of the invoice is also sent by e-mail to the billing contact. Payment is due 30 days after date of invoice.


To ensure invoices and correspondences are received by members, by prior arrangement, it is possible to be billed half-yearly or quarterly for LIR fees (Not applicable to Membership-Only fee). This must be requested before the invoice for the year of issue is sent (i.e. before the 1st November). In this case, an extra USD 75 service charge applies to each invoice. Note that during a billing year, it is not possible to change the billing scheme.


To make sure the invoices and reminders arrive at the finance department of the member, it is important to keep the data up-to-date in our database. It is the responsibility of the Member/LIR to inform AFRINIC Finance Department of any changes to the billing address or billing contact by contacting billing [at] AFRINIC dot net


The Member will be held liable for late payment as a result of incorrect billing details. A copy of the registry file can be requested by contacting billing [at] AFRINIC dot net. Please note - If a membership ends in the course of the AFRINIC financial year, the annual fee for that registry must still be paid in full.


Payment Possibilities

  • All payments should be in US Dollars.
  • Payments may be done by bank transfer. The credit Card possibility is under finalisation and will be available soon.
  • Always mention the payment reference (i.e. customer number and invoice number) when making a bank transfer or sending a credit card charging request.
  • It is helpful to also mention the registry ID (for LIRs) with the payment reference.


Please contact billing [at] AFRINIC dot net if you require confirmation that payment has been received.



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