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Requesting Bulk Whois Data from AFRINIC



The AFRINIC WHOIS data is for Internet Operations or Technical Research related to the Internet purpose only. It should not be used for advertising, direct marketing, marketing research or similar purpose. Use of AFRINIC WHOIS bulk data for these activities is explicitly forbidden. The redistribution of the provided bulk data is also explicitly forbidden.


Need for Bulk WHOIS

In certain circumstance, AFRINIC will be requested to provide a bulk of its WHOIS data to other organisations. Generally, the data is to be used for internet operations, technical research activities or statistics.


Evaluating a request for bulk WHOIS data

Requirements for a Bulk WHOIS data request:

  1. The name and address of the organization should be given.
  2. They should state the kind of business they are into.
  3. A website of the organization should be specified.
  4. Any activity, projects, technical research for which this bulk info is required should also be described.
  5. Consent that this data is not to be used for spam, data harvesting, marketing, network abuse and other malicious /illegal conduct/activity.
  6. Additional information the requestor may deem useful pertinent to the request.


How to request bulk WHOIS data?

Download the Bulk WHOIS Form

  1. Complete the form by filling all the required details. As the hostmaster will approve the request only if the requester has provided all the necessary information required for Bulk WHOIS.
  2. The completed form should be either fax to AFRINIC Ltd on +230 466 6758 or sent via email to  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ".
  3. As soon as the request is approved the hostmaster will send you the link to access the Bulk WHOIS along with the user name and password.