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AFRINIC DNSSEC Communication plan


Effective communication is critical for the success of this effort, the transition being undertaken having a potential impact AFRINIC RDNS services. Communication with AFRINIC members and the community at large is important. The staged deployment strategy allows time for the impact of these incremental steps to be communicated back to the team executing them. In order for the right decisions to be made it is vital that the appropriate channels are in place to encourage that communication to happen.

Announcements, releases and other pertinent information will be published on the AFRINIC. Periodic technical status updates will be sent to various mailing lists in order to keep technical and operational communities informed of developments.

The e-mail address dnssec-ops [at] will allow any interested party to communicate directly with the project team. A mailing list dnssec-discuss [at] will be used to discuss AFRINIC's DNSSEC deployment and services


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