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Root server copy project (AfRSCP)

AFRINIC in collaboration with national and regional Internet Exchange Points (IXP) has launched an Anycast root server project which aims to increase the number of instances of root servers in the African region.


The project supports IXPs in the African region to deploy instances of root servers and provides financial and technical support for the local deployment (mainly equipment purchases and technical setup). Through root server operators; we are keen to get the formal agreements and discuss requirements for Anycast copy deployment .


Based on such agreements, AFRINIC will publish the agreed upon requirements for the use of IXP(s) and will allow its new partners to decide on the server operator which better suits their local environment and situation. All IXPs joining this program will have to sign an agreement with AFRINIC. AFRINIC will not be the root copy operator but play a facilitator role. Each candidate must be responsible for the local support needed for the deployed infrastructure. 

 Click here to view the Root Server copies deployed throughout this programme

RSC project




AFRINIC is seeking partnership with other organisation root operators which can provide financial support for the project (mainly to support costs related to copy deployment). ISOC and NSRC have already expressed their strong support to this initiative.

For inclusion into the programme please submit your application