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Support Requests are all the emails that we receive from you or someone in your organisation for assistance with billing, resources, registration and technical issues. It helps you to track your latest support issues and to view email correspondence regarding any particular issue online.

You can view your support requests by navigating to Help & Support > Support Requests.

Your browser MUST support and accept cookies for MyAFRINIC. You should also make sure that if you are behind a proxy/cache server that it is not caching the MyAFRINIC site.

If you do not have cookies enabled in your browser please do the following:

If you are using Internet Explorer 6 and above, ensure that the "Always Allow Session Cookies" box is checked.


Certain pages of MyAFRINIC are restricted based on your user role settings. For example, you need to have a technical or admin role in your organisation in order to create a new IPv4 assignment.

This means that in the form you are submitting you may have put letters in a field where numbers were expected or the amount of information you sent was longer than expected etc. If you are not sure what is required in a field, please contact MyAFRINIC support staff.

Please capture send the information below to

1) Your nic-hdl

2) The page where this happened

3) Any other information that can help us fix the problem


Members may obtain a copy of their invoices and Statement of Account by logging onto our portal and follow the simple step by step procedures:

  1. Log in on
  2. Click on Billing >Summary Statement
  3. Select the invoice
  4. Click on View (on your right)
  5. Download invoice

YES, a member may request for originals stamped & signed invoices be sent to them instead of soft copies via email. Such request must reach AFRINIC before 1st November before the annual billing exercise. However, such member shall bear the cost of the courier service and a separate invoice shall be included which covers the courier services charge. Members are expected to settle both the Fee invoice and the courier services change at the same time.


It is the responsibility of the member to ensure that their contact information in AFRINIC database is accurate at all times. Contacts with Administration credentials must review and update all contact information. Should the member require any assistance in this regard, an email must be sent to our Member Services, who will gladly help. We highly recommend that member review all their registered contacts once every year to ensure accuracy.

AFRINIC latest fee structures and membership categories are posted on our website. Please go to

When an existing member request and is allocated additional resources, such additional resources may or may not impact the member’s category (hence annual membership fee). However, should there be a change in the member’s existing category as a result of the additional resources, no invoice shall be raised for the remainder of the calendar year. Member shall be notified immediately of any changes in category and any change in fees shall be reflected in the next billing cycle.

End Sites membership fees renewal is done on the anniversary of the membership period; which may be at any time during the year. Unlike the LIR members, End Sites membership period commences in the month in which the organisation becomes a member.

Membership Fees for End Sites are collected for three (3) years on the anniversary of the membership period. However, End Sites members may elect to be billed for a period of not less than 12 months at a time. AFRINIC is reviewing the possibility of End Sites membership fees to an annual basis.


For End Sites ASN only, the Membership fee shall be collected for three (3) years in the first instance and subsequently every six (6) years.

YES, End Sites may choose to be billed for a period of not less than 12 months. Such request must reach AFRINIC Billing team prior to the billing anniversary. 

AFRINIC fee structure provides that for NEW members joining in the middle of the calendar year, membership fees shall be applied on a pro rata basis as per the attached table:


The pro rata applies to membership fees ONLY and not the Initial Setup Fees. Please contact the AFRINIC Billing Team ( if in need of any clarifications.