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MyAFRINIC is a web-based portal designed for AFRINIC members to manage their contact information, resources, billing and support requests through a simple, graphical, user-friendly interface.

Specifically, an AFRINIC member will be able to :-
- Update its organisation's contact details
- Keep the personal profile of the registered contacts up-to-date
- View the organisation's  billing history
- View or download invoices
- Settle invoices via the online payment portal
- Manage AS Numbers
- Manage IPv4 resources
- Manage IPv6 resources
- Create, modify or delete reverse delegations
- Track the status of support tickets

The portal is accessible via Only registered contacts of AFRINIC members are allowed access to this portal. A login and password is needed(login credentials)

A registered contact is a person whose contact information have been provided by the organisation(Administrative, Technical or Billing) and considered to be the representative of the organisation in our databases. AFRINIC will only attend to service requests originated from the organisation's registered contacts.

You must either be introduced by an existing registered contact of your organisation (details required are name, address, e-mail and phone number or nic-hdl) or
You can contact MyAFRINIC support staff at who will ask you for verification information before adding you in as a contact.

You should send your request to . The process will then be explained by the AFRINIC hostmasters.

You will need a username and a password. The username is the nic-hdl of the registered contact.

A nic-hdl is representative of the following details of a person(name, address, telephone number and email).

The step-by-step guide  is available here  .

Please query AFRINIC whois database using your e-mail address or your full name in the query field.

 An assignment  refers to the range of IP addresses that an AFRINIC member will use from allocation given by AFRINIC for the following purpose:-

- An end-site or customer with 4 or more IP addresses
- A subnet for the organisation's own network infrastructure
- Any range from which IPs are dynamically assigned


PA space is what has been allocated to LIRs from which they can assign or sub-allocate to end-users / downstream networks as non-portable block. If the end-user / downstream network changes provider, the address space assigned or sub-allocated by the previous service provider (LIR) should be returned and the network renumbered.

 Provider-Independent (PI) addresses are globally-unique addresses which :-

- are not assigned by a transit provider

- cannot be aggregated

- can only be assigned by a Regional Internet Registry(RIR)

- cannot be sub-allocated to another entity


A sub-allocation is   a block of IP address space given by an LIR  to ISPs (LIR's customers) for the purpose of subsequent distribution.

Reverse delegation is reverse DNS record which map an IP address to a name. It is usually maintained by the organisation who receives direct allocations from an RIR. Reverse delegation is achieved by use of the special domain names (IPv4) and (IPv6). It is usually used to validate a forward DNS record, make network troubleshooting more user friendly by providing names instead of IP addresses and also as part of e-mail anti-spam best practices.