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FAQs - bpki


A BPKI Certificate (also known as a client X.509 certificate) is a Digital certificate provided to identify the holder of such certificate while performing online transaction. In case of AFRINIC, the client certificate delivered will hold your NIC-HANDLE as Common Name (CN). AFRINIC BPKI certificate will be used to digitally certify Organisation members right to perform and access certain services online such as RPKI and Board Election.

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The Digital Certificate issued by AFRINIC allows us to confirm that you are indeed the representative of a member organisation exercising your right to vote.

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The enrolment of your certificate is a process by which your Digital Certificate is integrated into your browser to be automatically used for authentication purpose. The process of this integration is not the same for all browsers. The process pre-defined in the engine we use at AFRINIC is only compatible with Firefox. We are working to extend this to as many browsers as possible. 

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