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AFRINIC membership and resources related billing FAQs.


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FAQs - Billing

AFRINIC membership and resources related billing FAQs.

 All fees, including Initial setup fees and membership fees must be remitted to:

  • Account Name: AFRINIC Limited
  • Account Number: 62026000001202
  • Swift Code: STCBMUMU
  • IBAN: MU30STCB1180026000001202000USD
  • Bank: State Bank of Mauritius Ltd
  • Bank Address:
    State Bank Tower
    1, Queen Elizabeth II Avenue
    Port Louis

Fee invoices are due upon receipt or within one month from the date of the invoice. A late payment penalty is levied on all invoices which are unpaid after the due date. Up to three (3) Reminders are sent to unpaid members. Should fees still remain unsettled, AFRINIC initiate the Resources Reclaim Process, at which point the Registration Agreement is nullified and all services are withdrawn from members.  


A member may be restated after closure, following a formal request from the member concerned. However, a reconnection fee equivalent to the initial Setup fee applicable to the member’s category shall be levied and paid prior to the member’s account being restated.

New Applicants are sent a Proforma invoice which shall include an Initial Setup fee and a membership fee. The Proforma invoice is payable immediately and shall have a validity period of 90 days from date of issue. Once payment effected, the applicant will received a Tax invoice corresponding to the payment.

Should a Proforma invoice remain unpaid after 90 days, the Proforma expires and is cancelled, unless there has been prior arrangement to the contrary. The Applicant is notified that his application has lapsed and should the organisation still wish to pursue its membership application, the New Member registration process should be reactivated by contacting the Registration Service.


YES, any other organisation, other than the member may settle fees on behalf of the member organisation provided that AFRINIC invoice number and the Member Organisation name and Org_Handle are all indicated on the remittance document.

NO, AFRINIC shall raise all fee invoices in the name of the Member’s organisation as registered in AFRINIC records and as per the signed Registration Services Agreement. In addition all invoices shall be sent to registered contacts ONLY. 

NO, all fees are payable into AFRINIC authorised bank account as notified to members on the invoices. Payments to any other organisation other than AFRINIC shall not constitute settlement of AFRINIC fee invoices.


NO, AFRINIC does not accept cash (in any currency) as a form of payment. Payment of fees by personal cheque is also not accepted.

AFRINIC can accept part payment in settlement of fee invoices. However, such form of payment must have prior approval of AFRINIC Executive management before being effected. Request for part payment must be made in writing and AFRINIC shall consider these requests on a case by case basis.


YES. Any changes in members billing category shall be communicated to the members immediately such changes occur. Such communication shall be by email addressed to existing registered contacts in AFRINIC database.

All fee are quoted in US DOLLARS and invoices are issued in US Dollars

NO. In the case of a New member, funds must be in AFRINIC bank account and an original Registration Service Agreement must have been received by the Member Services prior to the release of requested resources.

An Applicant becomes a member after all the New Member Registration criteria have been validated by the Hostmaster team, the initial Setup fee and membership fee have been credited to AFRINIC bank account, an original Registration Service Agreement has been received 


AFRINIC accepts major international Credit Cards like VISA, MASTER CARD and any other cards as approved by AFRINIC bank. If in doubt, please contact for assistance.