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Any web browser(including Internet Explorer 6) with cookies and javascript enabled can be used to access myAFRINIC.

A cookie is a file that stores your name, nic-hdl and preferences when visiting MyAFRINIC. It is usually turned on by default on these browsers because it poses minimal risk to computer users.

JavaScript is a client-side programming language that is widely used on many websites for ease-of-use and dynamic interaction.


You must apply for AFRINIC membership first. Once you satisfied the policy requirements, paid the membership fees and sent the original RSA to AFRINIC, the AFRINIC members will register your organisation on the myAFRINIC portal and give your registered contacts  access to the portal.

If you are a registered contact for your organisation you can request your account to be activated by sending an email to with your name, Whois NIC-Handle and organisation. Once you are verified our staff will activate your account and email you a password to sign in with.

A registered contact is a person whose contact information have been provided by the organisation(Administrative, Technical or Billing) and considered to be the representative of the organisation in our databases. AFRINIC will only attend to service requests originated from the organisation's registered contacts.

Please contact MyAFRINIC support staff to find out if you are a registered contact for your organisation.

You must  either be introduced by an existing registered contact of your organisation (details required are  name, address, e-mail and phone number or nic-hdl) or
You can contact MyAFRINIC support staff at who will ask you for verification information before adding you in as a contact.

AFRINIC hostmasters will activate your account as soon as you have been added as registered contact for your organisation. They will also send you the login credentials.

Please contact the admin contact for your organisation. He/She has the ability to determine what your user role settings should be.

 Yes you can by following the steps below:-

-Log in on myAFRINIC

-Select  "My Account"

-Edit your Contact Information

-Submit the changes.

Your contact details will be updated both on the myafrinic portal and AFRINIC whois database.


 You may do this via as follows:

o Log into
o Go to Resources -> IPv4 Resources
o Click on "+" to expand on the target allocation
o Click "Add Assignment"

Any changes you make from MyAFRINIC will be instantly updated in the AFRINIC Whois database


If you click on the Resources tab or jump to the resources section (whichever is faster) you can request AS numbers, IPv4 and IPv6 address space.

 Your request will be sent to AFRINIC hostmasters for processing. You will receive an automated response with the ticket number associated to your request.

The AFRINIC hostmasters  will evaluate the resource request against the AFRINIC allocation and billing policies.

Upon approval, the resources will be issued and your  organisations account on myAFRINIC updated .You can verify by signing into myAFRINIC and selecting  resources , or by doing a whois query.


Once you are logged in on myAFRINIC, Select "My Account", then "Options".  You can choose which resources you wish to be notified if any changes on them occur.

AFRINIC's allocation policy  is available here

 The login credentials should exist as billing contact for that organisation on myAFRINIC.

Here is how you can proceed:-
a) Log in on
b) Click on Billing >pay Bill Online
c) Fill in the required detail and submit