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 No. AFRINIC does not sell IP addresses - they are a shared public resource and are not for sale. Effective management of this resource is vital to maintain the ongoing health of the Internet. If you obtain IP addresses from AFRINIC, you will have the right to continue using those addresses provided that you use them in accordance with the AFRINIC allocation and assignment policies  and provided that your membership remains in good standing. The use of IP addresses is subject to membership fees being paid and renewed.


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 An Internet Exchange Point is defined as a physical network infrastructure (layer 2) operated by a single entity whose purpose is to facilitate the exchange of Internet traffic between ISPs. There must be a minimum of three ISPs connected and there must be a clear and open policy for others to join.


 AFRINIC is bound by Section 4(g) of the Registration Service Agreement (RSA) to non disclosure of any information that we receive from our members. The AFRINIC hostmaster team usually requests for supporting information to verify the information given in the online registration process.  The documentation supplied will be used solely to evaluate the requests against the AFRINIC policies in place.