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FAQs - assignment

FAQ for Existing members

For utilisation to appear in myAFRINIC, you must register the IP addresses in use in the database. You may do this via as follows:

  • Log into
  • Go to Resources -> IPv4 Resources
  • Click on "+" to expand on the target allocation
  • Click "Add Assignment"

You need to repeat the above process for all assignments that will be registered.

Each of the addresses ranges falling in any of the categories below constitute a separate assignment:

  • An end-site or customer with 4 or more IP addresses.
  • A subnet for your own network infrastructure
  • Any range from which IPs are dynamically assigned

An assignment with status Assigned PA is an inetnum object created by LIR to register the IP addresses that have given to specific customer or service. These IP addresses are only used by the customer or service and can't be further distributed to another customers. The minimum IP addresses per assignment PA is /30.

Both assignments and sub-allocations are objects created by LIR to indicate that specific IP range has been assigned to a customer. If the customer intends to further distribute the IP addresses to his own client then, the IP range should be registered as sub-allocation. If the customer will solely use the IP addresses for his own infrastructure then, the IP range should be registered as assignment.

AFRINIC members are encouraged to maintain the assignments to its customers. In case of sub-allocations, the request is redirected to the AFRINIC hostmasters for evaluation (Sub-allocation window of members = 0)

Yes, the assignments made out of a sub-allocated PA address space can be registered in the AFRINIC whois database using WHOIS e-mail update method. This functionality is not yet available from the myafrinic member portal.

The LIR member shall ensure that a maintainer is created for its customer & attached to the inetnum (SUB-ALLOCATED PA) to allow for the assignments to be registered.