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New mntner Object Format

2) Updating objects in the whois database

There are basically two scenarios to consider:

  • Modifying an existing mntner whois database object, which already has the hash filters applied. 
  • Authenticating against a maintainer object to update its protected object, and, creating, modifying or deleting child objects protected by the parent object's mnt-lower or (mnt-domains).

2.1) Modifying a mntner object

The process to create a new mntner object remains completely unchanged. However, once created, modifying and deleting an existing mntner requires the object owner to have access to the md5 and/or CRYPT hash that was used to create the mntner in the first place if the modifications involve other attributes.

It is therefore important that the hash be kept by the object owner for future retrieval when updating existing mntner objects. Below are examples of mntner objects, showing the previously unfiltered hash in the top object, and the new format at the bottom object, showing the hashes filtered.

Below are examples of mntner objects, showing the previously unfiltered hash in the top object, and the new format at the bottom object, showing the hashes filtered.

whois md5_1

To modify an existing mntner:

a) Query the AFRINIC whois database for your object, add the hash to the result and send it to the server for updating, as follows:

whois md5_2

b) If the e-mail returned by the server indicates that the update failed, there is a possibility that the hash was wrong (in which case a syntax error will appear in the bounce) or the clear text password was not correct (this will be shown as an authentication error)

c) In case you cannot retrieve your md5 hash (but know your plain text password that was used to generate the hash), it is possible to simply re-generate a new hash of the same password.

Please browse to the "Tools" section of our website, select the CRYPT/MD5 Password Tool, enter your plain text password and click "Generate".

whois md5_3


The generated hash can be copied and pasted into your mntner object and submitted for update as usual.

d) If your password is lost (irrespective of availability of the md5 hash), it is not possible to update the object. You must contact AFRINIC for the standard lost mntner password process, by simply mailing  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with a request for a new password. Please note that:

  • Your e-mail should contain an md5 hash of your preferred (new) password generated per step (c) above. 
  • The password change request must come from an authorized contact. If there has been change of contacts, we shall request an official signed letter from a senior executive of your organization detailing the new contacts. 
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