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Policy Development Appeal Committee

The AFRINIC Policy Development Appeal Committee, or the Appeal Committee, is a committee appointed by the AFRINIC Board, intended to adjudicate on appeals in terms of the Conflict Resolution section of the AFRINIC Policy Development Process (PDP). Any such appeal will involve a disagreement regarding the actions taken by the Chair(s) of the Policy Development Working Group (PDWG).


The need for this Appeal Committee is specified in section 3.5 of the Consolidated Policy Manual.

 The relevant section says:

A person who disagrees with the actions taken by the Chair(s) shall discuss the matter with the PDWG Chair(s) or with the PDWG. If the disagreement cannot be resolved in this way, the person may file an appeal with an Appeal Committee appointed by the AFRINIC Board of Directors. An appeal can only be filed if it is supported by three (3) persons from the Working Group who have participated in the discussions.

The appeal must be submitted within two weeks of the public knowledge of the decision. The Appeal Committee shall issue a report on its review of the complaint to the Working Group. The Appeal Committee may direct that the Chair(s) decision be annulled if the Policy Development Process has not been followed.


PDWG Co-Chair & Appeals Committee Election Timeline


Days to Election

Activity Date

Call for Nominations



Close of Nominations; Begin review of received nominations



End Review of received nominations, publication of final candidate slate and start of public comment period.



Election Day & Results





PDWG Appeal Committee Members

Members Term
Missidimbazi Luc June 2018 - Till Further Notice
Jean-Robert Hountomey June 2018 - Till Further Notice
Wafa Dahmani June 2018 - Till Further Notice
Dr Paulos Nyirenda October 2018 - Till Further Notice
Adam Nelson October 2018 - Till Further Notice


Terms of Reference Versions
Draft Terms of Reference Version 1 (18 July 2017) PDF Version
Terms of Reference version 2 (approved 26 Nov 2017) PDF version



Previous PDWG Appeal Committee


2018 Appeal Committee Candidates Slate

Call for Nomination into the Appeal Committee 2018