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Board Committee

As per the AFRINIC Bylaws, the AFRINIC Board of Directors appoints committees to work on pertinent issues as necessary. 

Current Board Committees


Audit Committee
Oluwaseun Ojedeji (Chairman)
Serge Ilunga
Dorcas Muthoni Gachari
Vika William Mpisane
Terms of Reference (ToR) Document - August 2018


Finance Committee
Subramanian Moonesamy (Chairman)
Christian Bope
Habib Youssef
Alan Barrett (CEO)
Terms of Reference (ToR) Document - 20 July 2017


Remuneration Committee
Serge Ilunga (Chairman)
Subramanian Moonesamy
Oluwaseun Ojedeji
Habib Youssef
Vika William Mpisane
Alan Barrett (CEO)
Terms of Reference (ToR) Document -28 September 2018