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Internet Number Resources review by AFRINIC (DRAFT 6)

  • Ref. Name:
  • Version: 6.0
  • Submitted:
    10 April 2018
  • Status:
    Under Discussion
  • Authors:
    - Amelina Arnaud
    - Jean-Baptiste Millogo
    - Marcus Adomey


1.0 Summary of the Problem Being Addressed by this Policy Proposal

As Internet Number resources are finite, their allocation is based on the operational needs of end-users and Internet Services Providers, while avoiding stockpiling in accordance with RFC7020, IPv4 Allocation Policy CPM 5.5, IPv6 Allocation and assignment policy CPM 6.5 and Policy for Autonomous System Numbers (ASN) Management in the AFRINIC region CPM 7.0.Section 4 of the Registration Service Agreement (RSA) provides the framework for investigations of the usage of allocated Internet Number resources, defines members’ obligation to cooperate and the measures to be taken by AFRINIC in case of failure to comply. The lack of such investigation or regular control can lead to inefficient usage of the Internet Number resources, to stockpiling and other type of abuses.


2.0 Summary of How this Proposal Addresses the Problem

In order to ensure efficient and appropriate use of resources, AFRINIC shall conduct regular reviews of resource utilization held by its members. This would allow recovery of any type of resource, where usage is not in compliance with the RSA. Those resources can be reallocated for better usage.


3.0 Proposal

The policy proposal will modify the CPM as follows:

Insert a section 13 to the CPM as follows:


13.0 Internet Number Resources Review


Regular reviews of resource utilization are conducted by AFRINIC to ensure efficient and appropriate usage of resources. This allows for recovery of any type of resource where usage is not in compliance with the RSA; to allow such resources to be reallocated for better usage.


13.1 The reviews shall be based on compliance with the terms outlined in the RSA and Allocation/Assignment Policies.


13.2 The reviews cover all allocated/Assigned resources, but priority goes to IPv4 and ASN mappable to two-octet ASN.


13.3 Classes of review: Members to be reviewed shall be selected according to the following classes:


13.3.1 Random


The member is chosen by AFRINIC at random between the membership.


13.3.2 Selected


 Member is selected because of an internal report or due to a lack of contact between the AFRINIC and the member.


13.3.3 Reported: Here, members are reviewed either because:


A) They have requested the review themselves or


B) There has been a community complaint made against them that warrants investigation. Complaints shall be backed by evidence and AFRINIC staff shall evaluate the facts as appropriate to conduct the review. However this review is not applicable to a member  with the same resources portfolio on which a full review has been completed in the preceding 24 months.


 AFRINIC staff may, at its sole discretion, after having assessed the nature of the evidence found in the community complaint, require that such evidence be (i) submitted in the form of a sworn affidavit or (ii) declared to be true before a Commissioner of Oath.


13.4 In case of non-compliance and if evidence has been established in accordance with:

  • Breach of AFRINIC policies
  • Breach of the provisions of the registration service agreement or other legal agreements between the organization holding the resource and AFRINIC.

AFRNIC shall initiate the resource recovery process.


A) AFRINIC shall attempt to contact the organization and correct any discrepancy towards the RSA.


B) If the situation cannot be rectified and the member did not transfer the ressources to meet other AFRINIC-approved needs as per adopted policies


 AFRINIC shall publish the resources to be recovered for a period of three (3) months; during which the organization may at any time, seek compliance or transfer the ressources to other members 


 After this period, the resource shall be recovered and therefore the records of the previous holder of the recovered resource shall be updated in AFRINIC’s databases.


C)  Any Internet Number Resources recovered under this policy may be assigned/allocated under existing Allocation and Assignment Policies.


13.5 Appeal procedure


Reviewed members who are not satisfied have the right to appeal against the result within the four weeks. Appeals shall follow an arbitration process as provided for in the

Code de Procedure Civile (Code of Civil Procedure) of the Republic of Mauritius. AFRINIC may, on request from an aggrieved party, suggest a pool of arbitrators who shall be knowledgeable volunteers from the community.


13.6 Compliance Report


AFRINIC shall publish an annual meaningful report describing review activities, in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.


4.0 Acknowledgements

The authors thank Ms Wafa Dahmani Zaafouri (become Afrinic GC Chair), Mr Serge ILUNGA (become Afrinic Board member)  and Mr Alain P. Aina for their contributions in the development of this Policy proposal.


The authors also thank the community for the discussions and contributions.


5.0 Revision History



18 May 2016

Version 1.0
- First Draft AFPUB-2016-GEN-001-DRAFT01
- Posted on RPD list

05 Aug 2016

Version 2.0
- Second Draft AFPUB-2016-GEN-001-DRAFT02
- Change on the policy’s name
- Addition of the Acknowledgement section
- Rephrasing of section 3.3.3

18 Nov 2016

Version 3.0
- Third Draft AFPUB-2016-GEN-001-DRAFT03
- Update of section 3.3.3 from discussions on mailing list
- Update of section 3.7 (Acknowledgements) to thank the community for discussions and contributions

11 Apr 2017

Version 4.0 
- Fourth Draft AFPUB-2016-GEN-001-DRAFT04
- Update and Rephrasing of section 3.4
- Update and Rephrasing of section 3.5
- Update and Rephrasingof section 3.6

21 Oct 2017

Version 5.0

  • Fifth Draft AFPUB-2016-GEN-001-DRAFT05
  • Added Paragraph C to 13.3.3 in consultation with the AFRINIC legal counsel.
  • Rephrased Paragraph 13.5 to comply with AFRINIC staff assessment
  • Rephrased Paragraph 13.6 to avoid ambiguity. 
  • Amended 13.4 (B) to provide for and align with transfer policies
  • Changed co-authors list.
  • Updated the Acknowledgement section.

10 Apr 2018

Version 6.0

- Sixth Draft AFPUB-2016-GEN-001-DRAFT06

- Removing categorization between membership in random class section 13.3.1

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