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Policy proposals

# Proposal Ref. No Date Status
1 IPv4 Soft Landing BIS AFPUB-2016-V4-001-DRAFT-07 1-December-2017 Under Discussion
2 Internet Number Resources review by AFRINIC AFPUB-2016-GEN-001-DRAFT-06 10-April-2018 Under Discussion
3 Abuse Contact Policy Update AFPUB-2018-GEN-001-DRAFT01 12-August-2018 Under Discussion
4 Clarification on IPv6 Sub-Assignments AFPUB-2018-V6-002-DRAFT02 22-August-2018 Under Discussion
5 Simple Update of the PDP AFPUB-2018-GEN-002-DRAFT01 23-October-2018 Under Discussion
 6 Inter-RIR Resource Transfer AFPUB-2018-GEN-003-DRAFT01 26-October-2018 Under Discussion
7 SL-Update AFPUB-2018-v4-001-DRAFT-01 28-October-2018 Under Discussion
8 AFRINIC Policy Development Process Bis v4 AFPUB-2017-GEN-002-DRAFT-04 29-October-2018 Under Discussion
9 Lame Delegations in AFRINIC Reverse DNS V2 AFPUB-2017-DNS-001-DRAFT-02 22-November-2017 Ratified - Pending Implementation
10 IPv6 Policy and references Update AFPUB-2018-V6-001-DRAFT01 11-March-2018 Ratified - Pending Implementation
11 IPv6 Initial Allocation Update AFPUB-2018-V6-003-DRAFT02 11-May-2018 Ratified - Pending Implementation
12 IPv6 PI Update AFPUB-2018-V6-004-DRAFT01 28-March-2018 Ratified - Pending Implementation

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