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One of IANA’s core functions is the allocation of Internet number resources (IPv4, IPv6 and ASNs) to AFRINIC and the other four Regional Internet Registries (RIRs). Globalisation of the IANA function is crucial to securing the continued stability and accessibility of the Internet. As one of IANA’s key stakeholders, it is imperative that the AFRINIC community contributes to all discussions on the future of the IANA function in order to provide input into the transition plan.

Here’s how you can provide input:

mailJoin AFRINIC's dedicated IANA oversight transition mailing list to discuss the transition proces

Sign up to the Consolidated RIR IANA Stewardship Proposal (CRISP) Team's public email discussion list to keep up-to-date on the team's progress. 


Attend an AFRINIC public policy meeting/Africa Internet Summit to discuss in person or via remote participation

Participate in regional and global Internet Governance Forums (IGFs)

mailing icann
Attend an ICANN Meeting to discuss in person or via remote participation or sign up for ICANN’s IANA transition or the AFRICANN mailing list.

Have your say on the /1net mailing list


Summaries of community discussion:

AFRNIC-20 Community discussion on IANA Transition Oversight report, 4 June 2014.