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The IANA is a set of services run by ICANN. It is responsible for the global coordination of domain names, Internet number resources (IPv4, IPv6 and ASN) and protocol assignments. One of its roles is to allocate IP addresses from the pools of unallocated addresses to five RIRs. AFRINIC and the other RIRs have been delegated the task of distributing and registering Internet number resources to their members in their defined service regions. The RIRs also register reverse DNS delegations.


Global Policy
When an RIR requires additional IP addresses or ASNs, they submit a request to the IANA, which will delegate additional resources according to the global policies set by the Internet community. Global policies, once accepted by all five RIR communities, are passed to ICANN for ratification and then implementation through the NRO Number Council (NRO NC) which acts as the ASO Address Council (ASO AC).

How the RIRs work with IANA:

  • The NRO has an MoU with ICANN regarding the ASO
  • The NRO pays ICANN a negotiated fee as support to IANA services. However there is:

- No documented agreement between the NRO & ICANN for IANA function (Exchange of letter in 2007)
- No service contract between ICANN and RIRs for IANA services

AFRINIC’s actual interaction with IANA is minimal and is limited to one or two resource requests per year.