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Present at an AFRINIC meeting

You can take an active role in the AFRINIC Public Policy meetings by joining other presenters in delivering tools, knowledge, and knowhow or policy ideas related to Internet number resources management or IP networking operations to participants. Your contribution can be in the form of a presentation in a session, a tutorial or a live demonstration.

What to submit?

Your proposal should contain the following information:
Full Name
Email Address
Short biography

Title of Presentation
A detailed abstract or outline describing the presentation draft slides for the presentation (if ready/available)
Length of talk (minutes/hours/days)
Need (or not) for sponsorship or assistance to attend the meeting (travel and/or accommodation)

How to submit?

Your submission should be sent to: meeting[at] with the requested subject tittle and your name

Topics for presentations
Presentation topics can range from but are not exclusive to:
IPv6 deployment
Security IDN Mobile

Duration of presentations
Presentations will be fifteen (15) to thirty (30) minutes in length, with approximately 10-15 minutes for Questions and Answers at the end of each presentation. Maximum time allotted per presentation will not exceed 60 minutes. Tutorials can range from 90 minutes to half a day in length. A full course outline is required.

Mode of presentations
The presenter(s) will be required to submit their presentation, in PowerPoint, 2 weeks prior to the event date. Demonstration facilities will need to be agreed based on available resources on site.

Tools for presentations

AFRINIC will provide the space, tea/lunch breaks and projector. Presenters will be responsible for any handouts. Typically there are approximately 100-150 delegates. All presentations will be delivered with the highest professionalism to maximise the value obtained by the attendee. Any selling (perceived or overt) during the session is seen as inappropriate for AFRINIC meetings.

Selection of presentations
The Meeting Coordination team and program committee will make the selection decisions. Selected presenters will be contacted by the Events Coordinator to coordinate logistics and details. Note that proposals are reviewed and accepted on an on-going basis and that presentation slots may be filled prior to this date.
Audience for presentations

The audience at AFRINIC meetings is mainly composed of technical network operators and engineers with a wide range of experience levels from beginners to seasoned professionals.

*** Presentations that contain any sort of marketing and commercial content are usually not encouraged at such meetings.