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Onsite Voting


The Organisation Contacts or authorised contacts with voting rights (PROXY) may vote in person at the AFRINIC General Member Meeting (AGMM) by presenting valid identification at the AFRINIC AGMM Registration desk on the day of the election.


It is possible to appoint a proxy to exercise your organisation's votes at an AFRIIC Board election. For more information, please see Appointing a proxy.


Assigning a proxy


It is possible to appoint a proxy to exercise your organisation's votes at an AFRINIC election.


A proxy holder may be any individual and need not be an employee of the Member organisation, or AFRINIC Members in their own right. A person cannot carry more than five (5) proxy during the same vote (section 12.12 of Bylaws)


Candidates for Board Election cannot hold a Proxy Appointment as per Section 12.12 of AFRINIC bylaws.


The appointed proxy holder can only vote on site and must be registered as an attendee at the AFRINIC Annual General Members' Meeting (AGMM). A proxy appointment is valid only for a single election.


Only Administrative Contacts or any registered contact that has been assigned the 'Voter' role may appoint a proxy to vote on behalf of the organisation at an AFRINIC election.


Proxies are generated ONLY from MyAFRINIC. Proxy appointment document are accepted as soon as the online voting is open, up until 18:00 UTC the day before the on-site election. Each Proxy form will be assigned a Unique ID number.


When is the proxy appointment valid?


AFRINIC will validate the information in the proxy form. The proxy appointment is valid only when confirmed by the AFRINIC's CEO. The appointed proxy is required to present personal identification when collecting their ballot paper.