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PDWG election process

According to the AFRINIC Policy Development Process (PDP), two (2) co-chairs shall be selected from the community to carry out the administrative functions of the Policy Development Working Group (PDWG).

The PDWG chairs are responsible for:

  • Creating reports (summaries) of mailing list discussions in preparation for face-to-face meetings.
  • Chairing meeting sessions and declaring consensus.
  • Creating post-meeting policy reports and posting them to the mailing list.
  • Sending Last Call notifications and evaluating consensus or not thereof.
  • Writing reports to the board to recommend ratification of policy proposals that have attained consensus.
  • Evaluating emergencies that could necessitate varying the normal PDP.

1. Duration of Term

PDWG Co-Chairs are elected to serve for two-year staggered terms according to the AFRINIC region Policy Development Process.

2. Candidate Eligibility

The candidate must:

  • Be a natural person residing in a country from the AFRINIC service region.
  • Not be a staff of AFRINIC or any other Regional Internet Registry (RIR).

3. Eligibility to Vote

Voting is open to anyone from the AFRINIC community present at the face-to-face meeting that meets the following criteria:

  • Has registered for the meeting (and possesses the Meeting Badge as proof).
  • Resides in a country within AFRINIC service region.
  • Is not a staff member of AFRINIC or another RIR.

2. Election time lines

The election will be run according the following schedule, counting down to election day.

Activity Days to Election Date
Call for Nominations 77 21 February 2018
Close of Nominations; Begin review of received nominations 40 30 March 2018
End Review of received nominations, publication of final candidate slate and start of public comment period. 20 19 April 2018
Election Day & Results 0 09 May 2018


3. Nomination

A person may only nominate one candidate. In case of multiple nominations by the same person, only the last nomination will be considered valid. All nominations (including self-nominations) must be backed by at least two AFRINIC community members; the two individuals must not work for the same organization.

AFRINIC or other RIR staff cannot nominate candidates nor be nominated

Nominations must be submitted using this nomination form.



4. Verification of Nominations

  • NomCom shall verify that all nominations were submitted within the given period and includes all the required information.
  • NomCom shall confirm receipt of the nomination to the nominees and/or the nominators.
  • In case of ineligible nominations that are rejected, nominators and nominees shall be notified.


5. Finalising the Slate of Candidates

NomCom shall review all completed nominations to verify that the nomination process is followed and shall review nominations to determine that all nominees meet the general criteria for a PDWG chair.

NomCom may decide to conduct interviews or further background checks on candidates using any means. The chair of the NomCom shall then forward the slate of candidates to AFRINIC staff for publication.



6. Notification of Candidates

NomCom shall send the final slate of candidates, via e-mail to the following mailing lists:

  • announce[at],
  • rpd[at]

The candidate list and biographical information shall be simultaneously posted on the AFRINIC website. The website will provide an online channel for anyone to voice support for any candidate during the open comment period.

All candidates shall be given the opportunity to present themselves to the community in a brief speech during the face-to-face meeting. The community may also direct questions to the candidate during the open comment period.



7. Voting

Voting shall be by simple show of hands.


8. Vote Counting and Announcement of Election Results

The CEO and NomCom Chair as well as two (2) or three (3) volunteers from the other RIRs present in cooperation with AFRINIC Legal Counsel, shall count the votes to determine the winners.

The candidate with the highest number of votes shall be declared the winner. In the case of a tie, a second round of voting shall be called. Only the candidates that tied in the previous round are eligible for the subsequent round. This shall continue until one candidate receives a clear majority of the votes.

The Chair of the NomCom shall announce the election results after the vote. The CEO shall send the final result via e-mail to

  • announce[at]
  • rpd[at]

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