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ASO AC Election Process & Guidelines

1. Eligibility

Open to individuals residing within the AFRINIC service region. All nominations (including self nominations) must be supported by two members of the AFRINIC community; the two individuals must not work for the same organization.

A person may only nominate one candidate. In case of multiple nominations by the same person, only the last nomination will be considered valid. AFRINIC or other RIR staff cannot nominate candidates nor be nominated.

Who can vote?

Any one from the AFRINIC community present at the face-to-face meeting who meets the following criteria:

  • Has registered to attend the meeting (must present the meeting badge as proof),
  • Resides in a country within the AFRINIC service region and
  • Is not AFRINIC staff.

Ballots for the vote will be distributed at meeting registration desk by AFRINIC staff.

Voting by Proxy

Proxy voting is not allowed for the NRO-NC representative election.


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