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ASO AC Election Process & Guidelines

The ASO Address Council consists of members of the NRO Number Council. It is responsible for the organizational roles of:

  1. Undertaking a role in the global policy development process
  2. Providing recommendations to the Board of ICANN concerning the recognition of new RIRs, according to agreed requirements and policies as currently described in
  3. Defining procedures for selection of individuals to serve on other ICANN bodies, in particular on the ICANN Board, and implementing any roles assigned to the Address Council in such procedures.
  4. Providing advice to the Board of ICANN on number resource allocation policy, in conjunction with the RIRs.
  5. Developing procedures for conducting business in support of their responsibilities, in particular for the appointment of an Address Council Chair and definition of the Chair’s responsibilities.

See the ASO-AC MoU at is available here for more information.

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