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Council of Elders

The AFRINIC Bylaw (Section 16) allows the Board to appoint up to six former AFRINIC chairpersons to the AFRINIC Council of Elders. Those who are eligible for membership to the Council of Elders  should have served for  at least one full term as an AFRINIC Chair.

The Members of the AFRINIC Council of Elders are:


coe nii coe pier coe viv maimouna

Dr. Nii N. Quaynor
(AFRINIC Board of Trustees Chair: 2001-2004)

Board of Trustees Member: 2001-2004  

Mr Pierre S. Dandjinou
(AFRINIC Chair: 2004-2008)

Board Member: 2004-2010

Dr. Viv Padayatchy
(AFRINIC Chair: 2008-2011)

Board Member: 2005-2011

Mrs Maimouna Ndeye
Diop Diagne
(AFRINIC Chair: 2011-2012)

Board Member: 2010-2013

Together they fulfil an advisory role and harness all their experience leading the organisation as former Chairs.



The Council of Elders was created by the new Bylaws adopted in January 2013.