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Governance Committee - Register of Requests

Reference GC2018.03
Date Received 22.03.2018
Sender Jean-Robert Hountomey
Summary of Request

How to add Board suspension and removal procedure by members in AfriNIC’s Bylaws

Link to Request Received - GC2018.03 - Request 03

Acknowledgement Date Sent* 23.03.2018
Replied Date Sent** 30.03.2018
Further Info / Advice Sent GC2018.03 - Reply


Reference GC2018.02
Date Received 15.03.2018
Sender Board
Summary of Request Allegations agaisnt AFRINIC staff and Directors Link to Request Received - GC2018.02 - Request 02

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Replied Date Sent**


Further Info / Advice Sent

Terms of Reference (1)

Terms of Reference (2)


Reference GC2017.01
Date Received 14.11.2017
Sender Alan Barrett
Summary of Request

The Governance Committee to consider the start and end dates of the terms of office of Directors of AFRINIC, and to provide advice on that subject.

Link to Request Received - GC2017.01 - Request 01

Acknowledgement Date Sent* 14.11.2017
Replied Date Sent** 22.02.2018
Further Info / Advice Sent GC2017.01 - Reply


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