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Governance Committe Guidelines


These guidelines provide the ways and means which the GC shall follow/adopt in the furtherance of its mandate as defined in its terms of reference.

These guidelines shall at all times be applied in full and strict compliance with the principles laid down in Clause (2) of the Terms of Reference.



  1. The GC shall provide advice either when such advice is sought or when it decides to tender such advice proprio motu.
  2. Request for advice shall be made by any person or only specific people / groups of people in writing and submitted to the secretary of the GC by any written means but preferably by e-mail.
  3. Request for advice shall be precise, brief and adequately well referenced having regard to any document cited or data submitted.
  4. Request for advice may be submitted in English , French or Arabic. Submissions in any other language must be accompanied by an appropriate translation into one of the above languages. In the event of multiple language submissions, the submitteddocuments must indicate which version is definitive.
  5. Advice tendered by the GC shall be non-binding and shall represent the views of the GC and not that of any individual member of the GC. However individual GC members may elect to have any dissenting opinions included in the advice.
  6. The GC may provide clarification regarding a specific advice tendered upon request.



In the furtherance of its mandate the GC may request information and documentation:

  1. Where such information and documentation is/are in the custody of AFRINIC, by submitting such request to the CEO of AFRINIC.
  2. Directly from any individual/institution/ organization who/which; including (without limitation):
    1. members of AFRINIC;
    2. users of INRs
    3. members and former members of the AFRINIC
    4. other RIRs
    5. Is an organisations/institutions interested/concerned with the use/management/governance of INRs; or
    6. AFRINIC committees
    7. If the information requested is confidential to a requestor or provider, the GC shall preserve the confidential nature of such information and, to the extent applicable, shall abide by all privacy, confidentiality and data protection obligations in terms of the laws of the Republic of Mauritius.
    8. Confidential information/data must be clearly labelled or indicated as such.



Notwithstanding the provisions of clause (3) of the GC ‘s Terms of Reference, the following issues may be included in the scope of the GC’s advisory mandate.

  1. Adherence by the AFRINIC members and their representatives to the AFRINIC Code of Conduct- in meetings/on the mailing lists or otherwise;
  2. Assessing the status and effectiveness of communication between the AFRINIC Board and Community



Requests for advice made in terms of clause (B) of the Terms of Reference:

  1. Shall be acknowledged within 3 working days from the date of submission:
  2. Shall be responded to within six weeks of the date of submission.
  3. Where the GC is of the opinion that the advice sought requires further probing and /or consultation/ or may require clarification, it shall so advise the requestor for advice:
  4. The GC shall establish, maintain and publish a register where, requests for advice shall be serially recorded; and
  5. The register shall include a field where the outcome of such request is recorded, together with a link to any published version of the advice given.



The G.C shall

  1. Request for information via the mailing list request from AFRINIC, and/or AFRINIC related committees or the community for the communication of information which it believes are relevant to its activities.
  2. Expect that information which it has requested from a particular body shall be furnished within two weeks following the date of such request.
  3. In the event that information requested for is of a confidential nature, the GC warrants here that it shall preserve the confidential nature of such information and further that it binds itself to abide by all privacy, confidentiality and data protection legislations of the Republic of Mauritius.
  4. Not include in any of its communication to the community information which it has received in confidence.
  5. Require of any party, communicating confidential information/data to it to clearly label such information and data as confidential.



The decision making process adopted by the GC shall always be subjected to clause 7 of the terms of reference .In addition thereto the GC shall adopt the following process to ensure effective delivery on its mandate.

  1. GC members shall be given at least one full week notice of a meeting of the committee.
  2. The agenda for any meeting shall as far as is reasonably possible accompany the notice of meeting.
  3. Minutes of an earlier meeting shall be circulated within 7 days of the previous meeting to remain relevant.
  4. Corrections and amendments from members shall be submitted to the Secretary at least 24 hours before a scheduled meeting.
  5. Minutes of meetings, once approved, shall be communicated to the community.

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