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AFRINIC Bylaws 2012



3.1 The Company shall be a private company limited by guarantee.

3.2 The income and the capital of the Company shall be applied solely towards the promotion of the objects of the Company; and no part of the income or capital shall be paid or transferred, directly or indirectly, to the members, whether by way of dividend, capital distribution or bonus or otherwise.

3.3 Article 3.2 shall be without prejudice to the power of the Company to effect the payment of: (i) Reasonable and proper remuneration to any officer, employee or Member of the Company in return for any services provided to the Company; and (ii) Expenses of Directors arising directly out of their tenure of office and approved by the Board.

3.4 The Company shall have, both within and outside the Republic of Mauritius, full capacity to carry and/or undertake any business or activity, including but not limited to the following objects:

(i) to provide the service of allocating and registering Internet resources for the purposes of enabling communications via open system network protocols and to assist in the development and growth of the Internet in the African region;

(ii) to promote the representation of AFRINIC membership and the Internet community of the African region by ensuring open and transparent communication and consensus-driven decision-making processes;

(iii) to promote responsible management of Internet resources throughout the African region, as well as the responsible development and operation of Internet infrastructures;

(iv) to provide educational opportunities to the public so as to increase understanding within African communities of Internet technical and policy issues;

(v) to propose and take such steps as are necessary to promote the development of public policies in the best interest of members and to seek legislative and regulatory consideration, whether by way of meetings or representations, of issues of general benefit to the members, where and when appropriate;

(vi) to develop and promote technical and business practice standards related to Internet service provision to members;

(vii) to disseminate among its members information on all matters affecting the Company and its members and to provide for and be a central channel of communication for the members of the Company and generally for the furtherance and promotion of their interests;

(viii) to cultivate and obtain reciprocal relations with kindred institutions; and

(ix) to do all other things incidental or conducive to the attainment of all or any of the objects of the Company.


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