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AFRINIC Bylaws 2012



Community Meetings shall include the Public Policy Meetings and the Annual General Members' Meeting provided for in terms of Section 115 of the Act or any special meeting of the members.

11.1 The Board shall call an Annual General Member Meeting in terms of Section 115 of the Act:

(i) not more than once in each year;

(ii) not later than six (6) months after the balance sheet date of the Company; and

(iii) not later than fifteen (15) months after the previous Annual General Member meeting.


11.2 The Board shall call a Public Policy Meeting at least once a year as per requirements defined in the Policy development Process. Public Policy Meeting may be attended by:

(i) members (Registered, Resources and Associate);

(ii) anyone interested in Number resources Management policy.


11.3 For the purpose of subsection 11.2 a Public Policy Meeting means a meeting open to the community wherein proposals for policies for a proper and responsible usage and Management of Internet number resources are discussed and agreed within the framework of the Policy Development Process (PDP) defined by the Regional Internet community and ratified by the Board.


11.4 Notwithstanding, the provisions of Article 11.2 the Board may adopt such policies regarding the management of internet number resources where it considers that the same is necessary and urgent, having regard to the proper and responsible usage of these resources.


11.5 Any policy adopted by the Board under the provisions of Article 11.4 shall be submitted to the community for endorsement at the next public policy meeting.


11.6 A Special General Member Meeting:

(i) may be called at any time by the Board;

(ii) shall be called by the Board on the written request of members in accordance with Article 7.6(viii) above.


11.7 A resolution in writing approved by not less than 75 per cent of members entitled to vote on such a resolution is as valid as if it had been passed at an Annual General Member Meeting.


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