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Annual General Members Meeting 2013

The AGMM 2013 was held during the AFRINIC-18 Meeting on 21 June, 2013, in Lusaka, Zambia.

Listen to the AGMM 2013 recorded audio stream

AGMM 2013 Backup


The AFRINIC Annual General Members’ Meeting (AGMM) is held once a year, usually during an AFRINIC open policy meeting. According to the AFRINIC bylaws:


11.1 The Board shall call an Annual General Member Meeting in terms of Section 115 of the Act:

(i) not more than once in each year;

(ii) not later than six (6) months after the balance sheet date of the Company; and

(iii) not later than fifteen (15) months after the previous Annual General Member meeting



Upcoming AGMM


Our next Annual General Members Meeting (AGMM) takes place on June 6th 2014 (14:00-17:30 UTC +3) during the AFRINIC-20 Meeting, held during the Africa Internet Summit 2014 in Djibouti.

The current draft Agenda includes:

  1. Introduction and Board activity update;
  2. 2013 Audited Financial Report;
  3. 2014 Budget and execution status;
  4. Proposals for Bylaws review;
  5. Appointment of Auditor for 2014;
  6. Board elections;
  7. AOB & Open Mic

The final agenda will be published shortly.


See all announcements regarding the AGMM 2014


Attending the AGMM Voting during elections at an AGMM

The AGMMs are open to all AFRINIC members, who are strongly encouraged to attend either in person or remotely. During the AGMMs members can:

  • Vote for candidates standing for any open seats on the Board of Directors
  • Provide input into and feedback on AFRINIC’s services, operations and financial reporting
  • Vote on resolutions


Members can vote in person, by proxy or by using AFRINIC’s e-voting facility. Find out more about the election process and how you can vote.


Associate Members can attend the meeting as observers only and are not eligible to vote.


Participation Process


Participation and Voting during the AGMM

1) Proxy

As Member you can appoint a proxy to represent you and vote on your behalf at the AGMM. A proxy can be any individual. The proxy form MUST be signed, stamped and returned 48 hours prior to the election to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

To appoint a proxy you must:

a. Log on to My.AFRINIC;
b. Navigate to Elections and Access Election Centre;
c. Select the election in which you wish to participate;
d. Choose the option Appoint Proxy;
e. Fill up the proxy form;
f. Print the form, sign it and physically hand it over to the person.

Note-1: According to Articles 12.12.(viii) and 12.12.(ix) of the AFRINIC Bylaws, a person cannot hold more than 5 proxies. To enforce that, you will need to provide while filling your proxy form the passport number (ID) of the person that you would like to assign as a proxy.

Note-2: Once you have generated a proxy, you can no longer cast a vote through the online Voting system.

Note-3: As per the Board approved current election Guideline, proxy supplied on
form generated out of MyAFRINIC will not be considered valid.


2) Online Voting

As a registered Administrative Contact of your organisation, you have been assigned by default the voting right which grants you the privilege to cast your vote electronically. You could also assign that right to another registered contact of your organisation to vote on your behalf.

2.1 To vote electronically you must:
a. Log on to My.AFRINIC;
b. Navigate to Elections and Access Election Centre;
c. Select the election in which you wish to participate;
d. Choose the option Vote Online.

2.2 To assign the online voting right to another registered contact of your organisation::
a. Log on to My.AFRINIC ;
b. Navigate to MY Account and User Administration;
c. Check mark Voter Role to corresponding named contact.

Note-4: To vote electronically, you must have a digital Certificate (BPKI) issued by AFRINC. See section below on how to generate a BPKI.


3) BPKI Certificate

A Digital Certificate (BPKI) is provided to identify you while performing an online transaction. It allows AFRINIC to confirm that you are indeed the representative of your organisation. To obtain a BPKI Certificate, you must be an authorised contact of your organisation.

a. If you are an Administrative Contact you should send an email to
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with proof of your identity (copy of government issued identification document or company's ID card);
b. If you are a Technical, Billing, Abuse or a General Contact, the Administrative Contact of your organisation must approve your request.


4) Remote Participation

Remote participation is made possible to members that cannot make it physically to the AGMM. Given that the AGMM is a meeting reserved to Members only with the possibility for other attendees of AFRINIC20 to attend as Observers, remote participation will be restricted. You could designate remote participants. If you wish to attend the meeting remotely or wish to designate a participant:

a. Log on to My.AFRINIC;
b. Navigate to Meetings;
c. Select AGMM-201406;
d. Click on Remote Participation;
e. Fill up the form and submit.


5) Onsite AGMM Registration

Only Members in good-standing (i.e. a member who has signed the AFRINIC Registration Service Agreement and has no unsettled financial debt with AFRINIC older than seven (7) days prior to Election Day. ) will be allowed to participate in the Board Election. Registered contacts of member organizations (or designated proxies) will be required to register themselves prior to the AGMM in order to vote. As such, there will be a dedicated room / booth where members can register for voting, the room will be opened as from Wednesday 4 June 2014. Ballots will only be handed out during the election session on Friday, 06 June 2014 only to persons that have registered to vote. It is important to have an identity document on your person, in case any form of identity verification is required either during voting registration, or handing out of the ballots during the voting session.

An AFRINIC Member Services Booth will be made available and opened as from the 2 June 2014 for Members attending the AGMM in Djibouti. You are kindly requested to proceed through it after your registration and meet our team for any further information that you may require.

Note-5: Members or Proxies must be registered on site for the AGMM before 14 00 hrs on the AGMM Day – Friday, 6 June 2014 prior to accessing the meeting room.




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