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AFRINIC Bylaws 2016



There shall be a Nomination Committee (Nom Com), which shall consist of a chairman and three other members as appointed by the Board and composed of qualified and experienced persons. The Board shall make a public call for voluntary nomination from the African Internet Community.

9.1 No person shall be qualified for appointment to the Nom Com if he/she is a candidate for election to the Board or is domiciled in a region whose seat is open for renewal during an election.


9.2 The Nom Com shall report to the Board and operate under such guidelines as may be prescribed by the Board.


9.3 Functions of the Nomination Committee:

(i) The Nom Com shall:

a) use its best effort towards ensuring that a satisfactory number of individuals from the African internet community stand as candidate for the election of the directors of AFRINIC; and

b) have general responsibility for, and shall supervise the conduct of the polls by the election Committee on election day.

(ii) In the discharge of its function under Article 9(i) above, the Nom Com:

a) shall call for candidates for elections held by AFRINIC;

b) prescribe criteria and qualifications for eligibility to stand as candidate for elections held by AFRINIC;

c) may interview candidates prior to finalising the list of candidature; and d) Shall finalise the list of candidates for any election held by AFRINIC.


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