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AFRINIC Bylaws 2016



6.1 Membership shall be open to:

(i) any Person who is geographically based within, and providing services in the African region, and who is engaged in the use of, or business of providing, open system protocol network services; or

(ii) any other Person who is approved by the Board or the members.

6.2 Members shall be Registered Members, Resource Members or Associate Members.

6.3 An individual who shall be elected as Director in accordance with Article 13 below. The Chief Executive Officer shall automatically also be appointed as a Registered Member, provided that the said individual shall sign such forms as may be prescribed by the laws of Mauritius and to contribute Rs. 500 (five hundred Mauritian rupees only) in the event of the Company being wound up according to Article 22.

6.4 Resource Member - A legal entity (local Internet registry or end-site) shall be deemed to be a Resource Member of AFRINIC after it has completed the following formalities cumulatively:

(i) justified its need for the right to use Internet Number Resources to AFRINIC;

(ii) signed AFRINIC's Registration Service Agreement; and

(iii) paid the relevant setup and membership fees related to Internet Number Resources allocated/assigned to it by AFRINIC Registration Service.


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