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AFRINIC Bylaws 2016



4.1 Funding for the running of the Company shall be realised from the following:

(i) membership fees from members;

(ii) setup fees for bulk registration services;

(iii) setup fees for individual address space assignments;

(iv) maintenance fees for non-contiguous, non ISP address space;

(v) registration fees for individual address space transfers;

(vi) setup fees for autonomous system number ("ASN") assignments;

(vii) grants and/or voluntary donations; and

(viii) such other sources as may be deemed appropriate from time to time by the Board.

4.2 Review of fees:

  1. The fees mentioned in Article 4.1 above shall be subject to review from time to time by the Board.
  2. Before finalising any changes in fees, the Board shall consult the Members and the community, and allow at least 60 days for comments.

  3. After the Board finalises any changes in fees, the new fees shall take effect after a notification period, to Members and the community, of not less than 60 days.

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