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AFRINIC Bylaws 2016



17.1 The Directors shall, by majority vote, appoint the Chief Executive Officer on such terms and conditions as they shall determine.


17.2 The Chief Executive Officer may, subject to applicable labour laws, be removed by an affirmative vote of two-thirds (2/3) of all other Directors.


17.3 The nationals of the country hosting the headquarters of AFRINIC shall be ineligible for appointment to the office of Chief Executive Officer.


17.4 The Chief Executive Officer:

(i) shall manage the day to day business of the Company;

(ii) shall have power to determine the remuneration and other conditions of employment of all employees of the Company (except for employees at executive level);

(iii) shall have such other powers as may be delegated to him from time to time by the Board; and

(iv) Shall report directly to the Board.

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