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L'audit de réseau est le processus de cartographier à la fois les logiciels et le matériel de votre réseau. Lors de la planification du
déploiement d'IPv6 ou de toute modification importante du réseau, l'audit est une étape cruciale.

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In the context of the International Girls in ICT Day 2020, AFRINIC in partnership with the World Wide Web Foundation is organising an online dialogue to discuss the empowerment of women in the tech world. The theme of the meeting is: Expand Horizons for African Women: Change attitudes in tech leadership.

Apologies for the delay in sending you this monthly communication that I generally send out in the second week of every month.
In the past few weeks, we have witnessed a number of changes in the way we operate given the lockdowns in many parts of the world, including Africa. I am sure we will come out of this crisis stronger and better as we reflect on how to improve and better our communities.

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