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UPDATE:  Federal Prosecutors Charge Amir Golestan and His Company, Micfo, LLC, for Defrauding ARIN

On May 15, 2019, federal prosecutors from the United States Attorney’s Office for the District of South Carolina announced their indictment of Amir Golestan and his company, Micfo, LLC, for defrauding ARIN.  ARIN greatly appreciates the U.S. Government cracking down against Mr. Golestan and Micfo, whose elaborate scheme involved the use of sham “Channel Partner” companies to defraud not only ARIN but also the entire Internet community.  According to the prosecutors, “Golestan and Micfo fabricated the true nature of the Channel Partners, including creating false officers and deceptive websites for the businesses, which were in turn used to deceive ARIN and to fraudulently obtain IP address rights from ARIN.”  The prosecutors charged that “through this scheme, Golestan and Micfo obtained the rights to approximately 757,760 IP addresses, with a market value between $9,850,880.00 and $14,397,440.00.”

AFRINIC has opened registration for its first IPv6 deployathon session for  2019 taking place from 11 and 14 June in Nairobi, Kenya in collaboration with TESPOK.

Unlike a normal workshop, a deployathon is 100% focused on implementation through prototyping, building and validation. At the end of the session, through expert guidance, participants will have moved their networks one clearly measurable step forward in IPv6 deployment.

Because of its heavy implementation focus, admission requirements are very strict. Only network and systems engineers who run networks are eligible. If you want to join a tribe of like-minded engineers who want to actually deploy rather than talk about IPv6, then request an invitation at: https://vox.afrinic.net/66422?lang=en

The seats are limited to 20 participants, so please register as soon as possible.

AFRINIC has announced the opening of its 2019 FIRE Award in the ICT for Development category. You are invited to submit your project proposal at https://fireafrica.org/awards <https://fireafrica.org/awards>. One winner will be selected through this 2019 call for projects. The FIRE Africa Awards will be presented to ongoing initiatives or completed projects that submit concrete evidence of their impact. Projects pending execution or which are about to begin will not be accepted.

The FIRE Award consists of a USD 3,000 cash prize plus full travel and accommodation for one representative of the selected project to attend the awards ceremony, and participate in sessions which will be held in Berlin Germany during the 2019 Internet Governance Forum starting from 25th to 29th November 2019

Key dates for the 2019 Awards proposals

• Call for proposals opens 29th April 2019

• Deadline for Submission 31st May 2019 at 11:59 PM GMT

• Screening, Evaluation and Selection 3rd June to 5th July 2019

• Due Diligence review and contracts 8th July to 31st July

• The announcement of Successful Applicant 1st August 2019

AFRINIC announced the AFRINIC-30 fellowship winners and the following applicants have been selected to receive a fellowship to attend AFRINIC-30 being held from 9 June to 21 June 2019 in Kampala, Uganda. 

Nandini Tanya Lallmon - Mauritius
Mbara Nkoussou - Republic of the Congo
Yazid Akanho - Benin
N’cho Eva Nadège - Côte d'Ivoire
Arnaud Gahimbare - Tanzania
Mesfin Asfha Abadi - Eritrea
Hellen Kariuki - Kenya
Mohammed Bakheet - Sudan
Lamiaa Chnayti - Morocco
Norman Ncube - Zimbabwe
Oleva Chipendo - Malawi
Afi Edoh -Togo

Congratulations to all the fellows and we look forward to collaborating with you on Internet development initiatives in the African region.

We take this opportunity to thank the AFRINIC-30 Fellowship Programme selection committee who have selected the winners from the applications received.  

Abiade Joel AFRINIC staff
Avinash Bajnath AFRINIC staff
Brice Abba AFRINIC staff
Emma Perrier AFRINIC staff
Afi Edoh AFRINIC former fellow 
Joshua Musasizi AFRINIC former fellow
Koumi Abel AFRINIC former fellow
Ogundele O. Caleb AFRINIC former fellow
Souad ABIDI AFRINIC former fellow
Uffa Modey AFRINIC former fellow
Daniel Nanghaka AFRINIC former fellow


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